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Springtime means that summer is just around the corner, which may be turning your attention to booking a break in the sun. 

With this comes the desire to lose a few pounds and ensure your body is looking its best. Achieving a beach body may mean the next few months requires a calorie controlled diet plan and booking extra classes at the gym to help burn off excess fat, as well as toning the bum, legs and tum. 

This regime can be very beneficial for helping to reduce weight and reshape the body, and in many cases a person does achieve their goal. However, some of you may find that a little pocket of fat here and there still remains, which disrupts the smooth contouring of the body profile. This can be very frustrating, especially given the enthusiasm and dedication that has been put in. 

Thankfully, medical advances means that a healthy lifestyle now has a helping hand. Body contouring is becoming popular within the cosmetic and aesthetic industries, and there are a wide range of procedures available to help slim and sculpt the body. Many popular fat reducing solutions use technologies such as: cryotherapy, radiofrequency or lasers to target small areas of excess fat. They often support a healthy and active lifestyle, offering a long-term solution by reducing the amount of fatty tissue and / or fat cells in the body. A course of treatments will usually be required and a period of 6 months or more will see the final result. 

At Reshape & Restore, we too have our solution for reshaping the body and reducing fat – liposuction. This method of fat loss works by dispersing subcutaneous fat with a cannula so it can be sucked out of the body in small amounts through a tiny tube. Our practices are based in Bristol, Gloucester, Worcester and Cheltenham, and Mr. Chapman and Mr. Khan has performed this procedure for many of their patients. 

When the appearance of the body does not look the way one wants it to, it can affect a person’s emotional well-being. By safely and effectively carrying out procedures such as liposuction, the leading consultant plastic surgeons at Reshape & Restore can help you to achieve the look you deserve, and regain your confidence. Along with our medical expertise and surgical precision, we offer a wealth of support and guidance along each stage of your journey to fulfilment. This procedure can be used on a variety of areas, including: under the chin, upper arms, chest, stomach, back, hips, thighs and buttocks. A single session may be all that is required in each region, removing up to 3 litres of fat. 

So if you’re considering a safe and effective way to reduce areas of unwanted fat, be it for your summer holiday or to improve your well-being, contact Reshape & Restore and ask about our liposuction procedure. 

To find out more about how Reshape & Restore can help you or to book your consultation click here to get in touch.