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Medico Legal

What is Medico Legal?

At Reshape & Restore we offer a Medico-Legal service.

This involves constructing a report for a patient who has been affected by personal injury, disease and/or medical negligence, which can then be used in a variety of circumstances as a witness in a legal case. As doctors and medical professionals our requirement as a Medico-Legal representative is to take on the role of an expert medical witness, whose report supports a patient’s claim for damages. An outside agency will usually select us as an appropriate medical expert, who can best aid the litigation process, according to our area of specialism, experience and location.

What is in the report?

All medical reports must comply with current legislation and meet the requirements set out in Civil Procedure Rules.

The report itself will contain details of the sustained injury and provide evidence to suggest it was caused by the claimed incident. Information will also need to be included regarding the extent and duration of the injuries and symptoms, as well as a prognosis for recovery, if at all.

Medico-Legal and Reshape & Restore

Mr Umraz Khan Reshape & Restore

Mr. Umraz Khan specialises and has recognised authority in limb injuries and has undertaken scientific research on the causes of scar tissue.

His services to Medico-Legal have seen him involved in a variety of cases involving personal injury and clinical negligence. If called upon, he can offer his opinion within his area of expertise which involves the loss of upper or lower limb function as a result of the sustained injury, and how this links to the formation of scar tissue on the body. His reports will always be fair and are based on the evidence he has gathered from his own assessments and examinations, as well as his experience and expertise as a respected medical professional.

Mr Khan works toward a turnaround time of 14 days, when you can expect to receive your report. In addition to a written report, Mr Khan will support your claims process by reviewing notes associated with the claim, as well as attending court when required.

You can find below a top level summary of particular areas of relevance. If you have any further questions please click here to get in touch.

Particular knowledge and experience of relevance

Personal injury that has resulted in loss of limb function (upper/lower) and which may have resulted in scar tissue forming on any part of the body

Clinical negligence and causation within the spheres of human trauma and cosmetic practice

My reports will comply with current legislation

A report with a clinical examination to ascertain any disability and bodily loss as a result of an incident or surgery / treatment

Conditions of service provided

Turnaround times

Able to send a report out within 14 working days of the instruction


The reports are provided in accordance with the regulations of such instructions