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These terms and conditions set out the basis on which you will be provided with treatment/services arranges by Reshape and Restore Ltd. Please ensure to read them carefully and contact us if there is anything you would like to be explained further before you sign your agreement.

1.     You will be provided with the fixed cost of your care prior to treatment.

2.     Surgery may be undertaken on a day care basis or as an overnight stay/s. This is discussed and arranged with the surgeon beforehand. The cost of the anticipated stay is included in the fixed price. If your stay is prolonged on medical grounds*, the cost of extra stay will be covered by Reshape and Restore Ltd. In the event of a prolonged inpatient stay for other reasons Reshape and Restore Ltd reserves the right to charge patients at the hospital rate of £400 per day.

3.     You will have a named consultant in charge of your care. Other consultants and healthcare professionals will assist and deliver treatment in order to provide you the best overall care.

4.     What is included in the fixed price?

  • The surgeon’s and anaesthetic fees in relation to the procedure
  • Hospital fees including hospital stay (see above)
  • Pre-assessment and Covid Testing
  • The cost of implants where applicable
  • Postoperative consultations with your surgeon
  • One post-operative compression garment where applicable
  • Postoperative dressing changes for up to 6 weeks
  • Postoperative painkillers for two weeks
  • Any other medication deemed necessary for medical reasons* (such as antibiotics)
  • Complications of surgery requiring re-operation*

Please Note: No clinical procedure is risk free in even the best of hands and any results cannot be guaranteed with certainty. Perfection is subjective. Your fixed price includes the cost of treating any clinical complications identified by your consultant or other medical professionals involved with your care, provided you have followed our advice. If we are unable to treat your complication, we will make appropriate steps for care to be provided elsewhere which may be on the NHS. You may feel that an adjustment to the operation is necessary at a later date in order to obtain an optimum result. You will be responsible for the costs of this if your named consultant deems the outcome falls within the acceptable normal limits of surgery. A secondary procedure will only take place where you and your surgeon are in agreement. You can appeal any decision with a free of charge second opinion with another of our consultants.

* Determined by your named consultant

5.     What is not included in the fixed price?

  • Travelling costs for surgery and postoperative appointments
  • Overnight stays and sustenance for friends and relatives
  • More than one compression garment
  • Dressings after 6 weeks from surgery
  • Specialised tests and scans not normally part of pre-assessment as advised by your surgeon
  • The cost of any revision procedure where the surgeon decides the results of your original procedure falls within the acceptable normal limits of surgery (see above)
  • Revision surgery for capsular contracture or implant rupture in breast augmentation procedures (Depending on the implant manufacture and time of contracture/rupture from surgery you may be entitled to reimbursement of the implant cost)

6.     Payment in full is required no later than three calendar weeks before the surgery date. Reshape and Restore Ltd reserves the right to cancel your booking if payment has not been received by this time.

7.     You agree as the patient to provide us with a history that is honest, reliable accurate and complete. You agree that withholding any information that could be detrimental to your care may result in the cancellation of an appointment or procedure with no refund. Reshape and Restore Ltd will not be held liable for any injury or loss where such medical information has not been provided and has influenced the outcome. You must keep Reshape and Restore Ltd updated of any change in your medical condition. Reshape and restore Ltd will, as is good practice, send a copy of any clinic letters to your usual doctor (General Practitioner) unless you specifically ask us not to do so stating your reasonable reasons. Reshape and Restore Ltd reserve the right to decline providing further care in that instance. Reshape and Restore Ltd may at any time discuss your case, in confidence, with your usual doctor (General Practitioner) or other healthcare professional if it is relevant to providing you with the best possible care. You agree as the patient to follow our postoperative advice and attend for postoperative review. Reshape and restore Ltd will not be held accountable for any complications arising whereby advice has not been followed and reserve the right to decline further surgery or to provide ongoing treatment free of charge.

8.     Our Cancellation policy.

We understand that plans can sometimes change and the reasons for changes can be out of our direct influence or control. We balance that understanding with a need to make best use of the facilities for our patients in the time we have allotted for them. Every cancelled session is a session that another patient could have used and paid for, while incurring facility charges and taking the up time of our staff.

Appointments require a pre-payment of £150 to secure the consultation slot for self-pay patients. If you are an insured patient, you will need to obtain authorization for your appointment in advance from your insurance company. You will need to check if an excess is payable on your policy and pay the excess in advance. We reserve the right to charge an administration fee of £50 to rebook any appointment, this includes insured patients and will not be covered by your policy. We will be fair and take into account the reasons for your cancellation as well as the amount of notice you have given in applying the administration fee. You can rebook twice before we reserve the right to deny any further appointment and withhold any fees already paid. Failure to attend an appointment without notice of cancellation will be charged in full.

Theatre capacity with us is in high demand and is costly to go unutilized. Once you have agreed and booked a date for surgery, you may cancel your surgery for any reason up to three calendar weeks prior to the surgery date and obtain a full refund minus any costs of care you have received up until the point of cancellation, such as pre-assessment, plus a £200 administration fee. Any outstanding fees will need to be paid before rebooking an alternative date.

Within three calendar weeks, Reshape and Restore Ltd reserve the right to withhold any costs incurred which could be up to 50% of the total paid, depending on the reasons for cancellation. In general, cancellation due to medical reasons will allow a full refund minus any costs of care you have received up until the point of cancellation. You may be asked to provide a medical certificate as proof of inability to proceed. For cancellation on non-medical grounds, Reshape and Restore reserve the right to withhold any reasonable costs up to 50% of the total paid.

Reshape and restore Ltd reserve the right to cancel or delay your procedure or appointment at any time if you are not thought a suitable candidate for surgery. In other rare circumstances, it may be necessary for Reshape and Restore Ltd to cancel your procedure. We will always give as much notice as possible if this is likely to happen. In this instance, you will be provided with an alternative date within 6 calendar weeks of your original procedure or the option of a full refund. Reshape and Restore Ltd will not be liable for any consequential loss to patients (such as booked time off work, transportation, care needs) as a result of a cancellation. In rare circumstances, the operative plan may have to be altered at the time of surgery. This will usually be due to unexpected medical or surgical issues and done for your benefit. Reshape and Restore reserve the right to charge in full for your booked procedure even if for above reasons it has not been completed or been altered.

9.     Where can I be seen after my surgery?

Reshape and Restore will continue your postoperative care when possible at a suitable venue at your convenience. We appreciate that patients prefer not to travel long distances after surgery. Possible venues include

  • The Annexe, the Old Vicarage, Maisemore, GL2 8HU
  • The Winfield Hospital, Gloucester, GL2 9EE
  • Bare-faced Medical Aesthetics, Cheltenham, Gl50 3PE
  • The Spire, Glen Hospital, Bristol, BS6 6UT

It may be necessary, however, for some of your postoperative appointments to take place at the original treating hospital. Reshape and Restore Ltd will endeavour to work what suits you best but will also need to take into consideration your safety and practical considerations. You will have to cover the costs of any travel.

10.   Our Complaints Procedure.

We strive to provide a safe and high-quality service for all our patients. If you are unhappy with any elements of your care you should raise concerns with your named surgeon. Should you be unhappy with the response obtained we will offer a free of charge second opinion with one of our other surgeons. All our surgeons have appropriate indemnity cover. Reshape and Restore Ltd are a facilitator of services but cannot be held liable for any alleged negligence which would need to be addressed through your named surgeon’s indemnity scheme.