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Practicing from Bristol, Gloucester, Worcester and Cheltenham, Reshape & Restore is a brand synonymous with plastic surgery excellence, established by consultant plastic surgeons, Mr. Umraz Khan and Mr. Thomas Chapman.

Colleagues for many years, these respected surgeons have raised the bar to deliver their surgical expertise across 4 Counties, collectively paving the way for this incredible new brand concept that combines exacting standards in plastic surgery with positive lifestyle and emotional wellbeing.

Mr Thomas Chapman
Mr Umraz Khan
Reshape & Restore experience

With backgrounds in both NHS and private practice, they also share a distinct passion for patient care within the cosmetic plastic surgery arena as well as having vast experience in performing a wide range of procedures for both an aesthetic and / or a reconstructive purpose. With a recognition of the importance of how a patient feels as well as how they look, it is from this common viewpoint that these two surgeons have joined together to realise their vision and introduce Reshape & Restore – a concept that through their skill and expertise, can truly change lives from the inside out – liberating their patients so they can discover the very best version of themselves.


There is an ethos that runs through the very heart of Reshape & Restore, and this is to ‘Reshape you, and Restore confidence’.

Providing treatments and procedures for the face, breast, body and skin, all procedures are carried out using modern techniques and advanced technologies, considering the safety and welfare of their patients at all times.

Meticulous attention to detail should be a given for any trusted plastic surgeon, but the defining factors with Reshape & Restore are that this is as much a brand about people as it is about surgery. Warmth and understanding are two traits that both Mr. Khan and Mr. Chapman bring to every patient, and this is key to taking each person on a journey that is unique to them.

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Reshape & Restore Ethos
Procedures for Men

Procedures for Men

More frequently, men are now also becoming affected by a negative body image, and Reshape & Restore has recognised a growing interest in aesthetics for men.

It is for this reason that Mr. Khan and Mr. Chapman have both dedicated an area of their practices just for men, providing a space where they can express themselves and know that they are truly understood. Through his own experiences of body transformation surgery, Mr. Chapman can genuinely identify with how a lack of confidence in your appearance can affect all aspects of your wellbeing, and how a fantastic result combined with an incredible experience can elevate your confidence, permanently.

The people behind this incredible brand are proud that through their exceptional standards in surgery and care, and the trusted relationships they have built, most new patients come by way of referral from others who have had positive experiences themselves.

Reshape & Restore

Reshape & Restore welcome you to this exclusive new concept, and look forward to bringing positive change to many more lives in the future.