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Plastic surgeons need to possess a variety of skills and their medical knowledge needs to be of the highest standard.

In the UK many plastic cosmetic surgeons have consultancy status, and are referred to as Mr / Mrs / Miss / Ms – and our Plastic Surgeons in Bristol are no different. This title originated from the middle-ages when a surgeon’s training was achieved through serving as an apprentice and they were awarded a diploma following an examination by the Surgeon’s Company, rather than a degree. This meant that they were to keep their usual title of Mr / Miss / Mrs / Ms and could not claim to be a doctor. Thankfully as time has moved on the training and qualifications of all medical practitioners require a medical degree in order to practise. To become a surgeon, doctors then go on to achieve a postgraduate degree at one of the surgical colleges. In many cases, the title of a plastic surgeon is now a well-honoured tradition whereby they begin as Mr / Mrs / Ms / Miss, become Dr and then go back to being Mr / Mrs / Miss / Ms.  

It can take many years to become a surgeon, and we’re sure that it comes as a relief that such a skilled profession is now performed by men and women who receive a high level of training, such as the training that our plastic surgeons in Bristol underwent – The Royal College of Surgeons now runs a certification course for consultants who offer cosmetic surgery, a course that has been successfully completed by Reshape & Restore’s very own Mr Khan. Extensive medical knowledge gives a better understanding of how the body works and how it will respond to a procedure. This can then ensure that the best possible care is given and the interests of the patient (according to their individual circumstances) are highly regarded. 

When someone is thinking about undergoing a surgical procedure, whether it’s for cosmetic or medical purposes, it’s common for them to want to know a range of things: a surgeon’s experience, their area of expertise, their success rate, how many procedures they’ve performed, qualifications, where they studied etc etc. 

The leading consultants at Reshape & Restore are proud of their academic and surgical achievements. Practising both privately and for the NHS in the West of England, Mr Khan and Mr Chapman are two very successful surgeons who have combined their talents to create a formidable surgical partnership. They are proud to showcase their accomplishments, and details about them and their practice.

So if you’re looking for the best surgeons in Bristol (and other areas including: Gloucester, Worcester and Cheltenham), get in touch with Reshape & Restore.