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At this time of year many people start to think about booking a summer break, and with covid restrictions being lifted, a foreign holiday is top of many people’s agenda.

After deciding when to go, arranging the time off work and deciding on the best destination, thoughts usually turn to whether or not the body is looking beach ready.

The next few months may involve counting calories and stepping up the exercise regime in order to help slim and tone the body. However, for many people, reaching their end goal and achieving the flat stomach they desire, is often difficult to achieve.

Abdominal fat is very common and makes the tummy appear less toned and out of shape. For many people excess fat can be stubborn and is quite happy to sit around your stomach, despite the efforts to remove it. This may be when a person decides that a tummy tuck may provide the solution they seek, especially if loose skin is also an issue. The long-term results that a surgical procedure provides often makes surgery an attractive option, however, the many myths that are often attached can make a person feel doubtful.

The guys at Reshape & Restore are experienced medical professionals who know their craft well. They have spoken to many uncertain patients during their time in practice, and have provided the reassurance they need in order to decide if surgery is the right way to go. This month we are focusing our attention on the tummy tuck and will be addressing some of the comments we’ve heard about this procedure.

MYTH 1 – It takes many months for a full recovery

With advances in surgical techniques, the recovery time expected following a tummy tuck is much less than it used to be. Many of our patients find they can return to work within a few weeks, depending on the type of work they do. Much of the swelling has also subsided within this time and the stomach will then start to look flatter and more toned in appearance.

So if you’re planning to visit a sunny destination in summer or early autumn, a spring procedure could mean you’re significantly recovered in time.

MYTH 2 – Scarring is extensive and unattractive

At Reshape & Restore we understand the reasons why people decide to undergo body contouring procedures, many of which are aesthetic. This is why we adopt modern surgical techniques which involve discrete placing of incisions. Cuts are usually made low down on the stomach so that any scars can be hidden under clothing. And, it’s always useful to know that scarring will fade over time, with neat scars often developing to a thin white line in the skin.

MYTH 3 – Tummy tucks are only intended for women

It’s true that because of pregnancy and childbirth, a tummy tuck, or mini tummy tuck is popular with women. However, at Reshape & Restore we understand that it’s not just our female patients who are concerned with the way their body looks. Many of our procedures are available to both men and women, and we tailor our approach to suit the concerns that are presented to us, regardless of gender. All types of tummy tuck – full or partial – can be suitable for anyone who is an ideal candidate for surgery, and wishes to improve the appearance of their stomach. Having said this we do include a tummy tuck within the combination of procedures for a mummy makeover – which is obviously aimed at women whose body shape has changed following childbirth.

MYTH 4 – Tummy tucks can be substituted for a diet

At Reshape & Restore we would always advise a patient to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle – not just because it helps to maintain the ideal shape and weight. The tummy tuck can be recommended in cases where a person is concerned with the appearance of small pockets of excess fat and / or loose skin, but we don’t usually offer this procedure as a solution to significant weight loss. You may be able to undergo this procedure after taking steps to lose weight, especially if loose skin is left behind. There are some instances when liposuction can be used in combination with this procedure to remove small amounts of localised, stubborn fat.

MYTH 5 – You cannot have a tummy tuck after a certain age

Although research shows that a tummy tuck is more popular with people between the ages of 35 and 50, it is also frequently requested by adults who are older. At Reshape & Restore we don’t necessarily determine your suitability for surgery based on age, there are other factors we consider to be important, including: reasons for wanting surgery, physical health, underlying medical conditions, height and weight, smoking status and whether the expectations are realistic.

Reshape & Restore will always carry out a thorough consultation prior to any procedure. We specialise in surgical procedures and find that it’s very beneficial to allow our patients some thinking time so they can absorb all the information that has been discussed. This is why we usually recommend coming back for a second consultation so that any questions or concerns can be answered. We will always make sure that you are absolutely certain that surgery is the right option for you before we go ahead and our team will provide support through every step of the process.

So if a tummy tuck, or any other procedure can potentially fulfil your aesthetic or medical needs, contact Reshape & Restore today!