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Recovery times by treatment – part two

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In our last blog you may remember we started to explore the expected recovery times of some of Reshape & Restore’s most popular treatments. Recovery is very important to consider when thinking about undergoing a surgical procedure. The steps you take as a patient, and us as consultant plastic surgeons in the weeks and months that follow, will often influence your rate of healing and success of the final outcome.

In part 1 we looked at breast augmentation and the ‘mummy makeover’, and in part 2 (this blog), we’ll be focusing on Liposuction and the Full Body Lift.


Able to drive: When you can resume driving after a liposuction procedure will largely depend on which part of the body it was performed on, and how many areas have been treated. The muscles in the arms and stomach are broadly used in driving, with the legs also needed to control a car. For many patients it is these areas that are commonly treated with Liposuction. For those who’ve had a small amount of fat removed, driving can be resumed within a few days. However if multiple areas have been addressed, or several sessions are scheduled to be carried out, this time frame may extend over several weeks – or even a few months.

Back to work: Following the liposuction procedure, the treatment area can feel tender and bruised. At Reshape & Restore we always advise patients to take the necessary time to allow the body to recover from its trauma by taking it easy and not overexerting. In the case of Liposuction, this may only be a few days for a typical procedure. This obviously will depend on the type of job that you do, and if your work is particularly active, you may need to take 1 or 2 weeks off.

Return to the gym: Exercise has become an important part of many people’s lives. Whilst getting back to normal daily / weekly routines as quickly as possible is expected to be in your thoughts, it benefits the body’s recovery to avoid strenuous exercise / going to the gym for up to 6 weeks. There are a number of reasons for this, including: working the body too hard can prolong any post-surgical swelling and bruising, the chance of rupturing your healing wounds increases, you can be more at risk of developing an infection and you can be more likely to develop thickened or excess scar tissue.

Completely healed: At Reshape & Restore our patients often heal very well, and in a reasonable time. The aftercare advice we offer, and the careful attention we give to our aftercare procedure is in your best interests for a full and successful recovery. Although we give you an idea of the time frame that is to be expected with certain aspects of your healing, it is important to understand that every case is different, and recovery time can vary. With Liposuction, many of our patients return to their usual daily routine within a few weeks of the procedure, however to be fully recovered (all side effects subsided, wounds healed and high levels of activity resumed), may take up to 6 months.

Full body lift:

Able to drive: A full body lift is an extended version of the abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), which puts a lot of strain on the body. Your core muscles are located in this area of your body, and are used to great extent in many of our usual tasks, including driving. In general, the body will experience a degree of stiffness, pain and discomfort following the full body lift procedure which can mean driving is dangerous, both to you and others on the road. With many of our patients, our advice is to resume driving after 2 or 3 weeks, depending on how well your body is healing. We will ensure we assess this at your follow-up consultations.

Back to work: With this type of tummy tuck surgery, we would usually say it is OK to return to work after 6 weeks. This amount of time allows the body to heal sufficiently, and for incisions to be less likely to separate. The muscles will have recovered from the trauma of surgery, and the fatigue from having used up extra energy to support the body’s healing process. With any surgery we would advise easing the body back to normal activity levels, listening to the body and not overdoing it if you experience aches or particular stiffness. You can discuss returning to work at your follow-up appointment, one of which is at around the 6 week mark – around the same time as your expected return to work.

Return to the gym: Before resuming any exercise, the body will need to have recovered sufficiently from the surgery. Our website advises a time frame of approximately 6 weeks before it is recommended to return to the gym. In many cases some light / gentle exercise is possible at around 4 weeks, but you should speak with your surgeon or one of their team, explaining what exercise it is you intend to do. We often suggest 6 weeks in order to be sure that wounds are less likely to rupture and expected side effects have disappeared.

Completely healed: A complete recovery from a full body lift can take any time from 6 to 12 weeks. Everybody’s body heals and repairs itself at a different rate, depending on a number of factors including: lifestyle, type of surgery and how well you follow aftercare advice. Our follow-up care is carried out through verbal advice, written leaflets and by carrying out one-to-one post-surgery appointments. During these appointments we will assess all aspects of the healing process, and make sure we provide the right advice based on what we see and what you can tell us. All our guidance comes from a medical point of view, and our plastic surgeons are highly experienced, leading consultants.

As mentioned, the last two blogs have covered four of Reshape & Restore’s most popular procedures. We specialise in many other surgeries, including: breast, body, face and skin, and our website contains information on a variety of these surgical procedures. We understand the anatomical differences between male and female patients and recognise that each person’s needs are unique and can differ according to gender.

If you are considering a surgical procedure of any kind, take a look at what we offer at Reshape & Restore. Booking a consultation is easy and you can be sure to receive the very best of care.

You are always welcome to contact Reshape & Restore if you have any further questions, or to book a consultation.