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Men want to look great too!

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When the summer months approach, it’s not just women who think about how they’ll look when they go on holiday.

Men also want to know that they’re going to look amazing on the beach, or around the pool. Most people consider a summer holiday to be one where a little rest and relaxation is undertaken whilst in the warmth of the sun, which often means keeping cool in shorts and bathers, without the need for a t-shirt – and men also like to get a healthy tan. 

Many men take pride in their appearance, whether that’s donning a sharp suit or ensuring they keep up with the latest hair style. But it’s not just being well-groomed and wearing designer clothes that the man of today considers to be what makes for a great appearance. Men also look after their bodies and take steps to eat healthy and take regular exercise so that they can maintain their fitness and stay in shape. However, like women this can be more difficult than expected and achieving a sculpted physique often seems like it’s never quite going to be reached. 

At Reshape & Restore we like to look after the needs of our male patients and we offer a dedicated range of treatments, just for men. Assisting the efforts of a healthy lifestyle, our body contouring treatments include: 

These treatments can be effective in helping to reduce areas of stubborn fat, or reducing excess skin which occurs as a result of general ageing or weight loss. And, if it’s the appearance of the nipples that causes concern, our leading consultant plastic surgeons can perform an areola reduction or a nipple revision procedure to produce a more natural and masculine look for the chest.  

Our surgical procedures for men take a top-to-toe view of the male form and work to produce long-term (or permanent) results for creating a more desirable appearance. So if a fine beach bod’ is what you seek this summer, then contact the guys at Reshape & Restore. A private consultation can uncover the right procedure for you.

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