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Mr. Khan and Mr. Chapman are dedicated consultants who divide their working time between their private practice (Reshape & Restore) and the NHS.

As internationally recognised consultants who are leading the way in plastic / cosmetic surgery, they transform the lives of many of their patients through the improvements they make to the appearance; be it for aesthetic reasons or to help restore their natural look.

One area of plastic surgery that is of particular interest to the guys is reconstructive surgery. Both Mr. Khan and Mr. Chapman have extensive knowledge and experience in this field of surgery, particularly with reconstructing hands and limbs. Mr. Khan especially, has travelled overseas to help with performing complex cases, as well as to educate other surgeons.

Mr. Khan and Mr. Chapman are warmed by the results they produce by way of their skill and meticulous attention to detail. And, when they see first hand the delight a person experiences following their surgery, it makes their work all the more rewarding. The passion for this type of work is reflected in a book that has recently been published titled ‘Oxford Textbook of Plastic Surgery’, in which Mr. Khan was a section editor.

Much of their reconstructive work takes place within the NHS or through their charitable work, with Reshape & Restore providing a more restorative approach. Mr. Chapman undertakes hand and wrist surgery for his NHS patients at hospitals and practices in Bristol, Gloucester, Worcester and Cheltenham. Procedures for conditions such as: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Dupuytren’s Contracture, Ganglion and Trigger Finger / Thumb can help to restore normal functioning of the hands and wrists. Mr. Khan also practises for the NHS in the Bristol and Gloucestershire area. As well as hand surgery, he also performs a number of reconstructive procedures to help restore the appearance and functioning of the limbs, improving conditions such as: bone infection, non-healing fractures, bone tumours, deformed limbs and limb length discrepancy.

Although reconstructive and restorative surgery can be performed for separate purposes, In many cases the two applications combine. A restorative procedure can also be effective when a certain feature or part of the body has changed in appearance due to injury. Examples of this can be if the nose has been damaged and a rhinoplasty procedure can help to restore the structure, or if impact to the eye has damaged the skin and caused the eyelid to droop, whereby blepharoplasty would provide an effective solution. Breast surgery is another area that Reshape & Restore can address, although often for cosmetic purposes. This field of surgery often sees reconstruction and restoration overlap. The breasts can change naturally in appearance, with certain treatments (such as for cancer) requiring alterations to be made to the breasts. If one or both of the breasts needs to be removed, or partially removed, surgery can help to reconstruct the breast(s) and restore a natural and balanced appearance.

There are a number of reasons why people require or desire surgery for reconstruction or restoration of the face and / or body. Whatever your needs, the experts at Reshape & Restore can help you.

To find out more about how Reshape & Restore can help you or to book your consultation click here to get in touch.