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Excess skin and lax muscles around your middle can make you feel self-conscious but the Reshape and Restore clinic has the answer with a tummy tuck in Worcestershire.

Mr Khan and Mr Chapman are both highly regarded aesthetic surgeons and the founders of Reshape and Restore.

They bring first-class plastic surgery to patients in the Worcestershire area with a start-of-the-art clinic based in the prestigious South Bank Hospital.

The tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is just one of the plastic surgery procedures that they offer to transform your appearance and your self-confidence.

Contact the clinic today to find out more about a ‘tummy tuck’ at Reshape and Restore cosmetic surgery clinic Worcester.


Why choose Reshape and Restore for my plastic surgery?

Mr Umraz  Khan and Mr Thomas Chapman are both highly qualified doctors who practise as consultants in the NHS as well as running a group of thriving private clinics in Birmingham, the West Midlands, and the South West.

Between them, they have the kind of experience and expertise that cannot be found elsewhere in Worcester or the surrounding area.

The success of Reshape and Restore is founded on surgical excellence but also on the compassionate and understanding approach of Mr Khan and Mr Chapman. They both believe that their work is about transforming lives as much as faces and bodies.

Every day they see their patients enjoying life to the full after having surgery for body issues that had lowered their self-esteem and prevented them from leading the life they wanted.

At Reshape and Restore, we take a bespoke approach to cosmetic procedures and your surgeon will discuss the best procedure and techniques to help you to achieve your goals.


What causes slack skin around the middle?

Loose skin and slack muscle around the middle of the body are usually caused when the tissues have been overstretched and unable to snap back into place.


This phenomenon is often experienced by new mothers after their abdomen has expanded to accommodate a growing baby. Unfortunately, the situation is likely to get worse with every pregnancy.

Ageing and the menopause

Some women find that their body shape changes as they age. Many women accumulate fat and loose skin on their abdomen as a result of hormonal changes during menopause. The sagging is made worse as the skin loses its firmness with age.

Significant weight loss

Patients who have worked hard to lose significant amounts of weight often discover that they are left with loose skin. Sometimes this loose skin can be extensive, affecting several parts of the body.

Whatever the cause of your issue, aesthetic surgeons Mr Khan and Mr Chapman will be able to restore a tauter and smoother profile with surgery.

What happens during a tummy tuck in Worcestershire?

During an abdominoplasty, your surgeon will remove fatty tissue through an incision and trim excess skin.

Mr Khan and Mr Chapman may decide that liposuction should also be used.

When a large amount of abdominal skin is removed, the tummy button may be in the wrong place so it will be carefully repositioned to look as natural as possible.

The abdominoplasty provides an opportunity for your surgeon to tighten the abdominal muscles giving your abdomen a more lifted and sculpted look.


How long will it take to recover from abdominoplasty?

An abdominoplasty is a major operation and you should expect to experience pain, swelling and bruising after surgery.

The bruising is temporary and most patients find that the pain is well-controlled with painkillers.

It is essential to rest after this procedure and you should arrange to take a few weeks off work. Your plastic surgeon will advise you when you are sufficiently healed to resume driving.

Abdominoplasty patients wear a supportive garment for the first few weeks to support the muscles and reduce scarring. It is not stylish but it will be worth it in the end.

You will be fully assessed before you leave South Bank Hospital and you will receive plenty of advice about how to care for yourself at home.

At Reshape and Restore we believe that aftercare is vital to recovery and Mr Khan and Mr Chapman see their clients regularly for follow-up appointments over the weeks and months after surgery.

After a couple of months, you will start to see how you new body will look when it is completely healed.

How do I know if I am a good candidate for an abdominoplasty?

Mr Khan and Mr Chapman will listen carefully to your concerns and the reasons that you want to have surgery during two pre-operative consultations.

It is important that you have realistic and informed expectations of what surgery can achieve for you and your surgeons will have an honest discussion with you about this.

The initial consultation

At your first meeting, you will be examined, a detailed medical history will be taken and your health assessed to ensure that you are fit enough for surgery.

Your conversation about surgery may be more wide-ranging than you expect.

Mr Khan and Mr Chapman are eager for you to meet your goals and if they think that a different cosmetic surgery would be more appropriate for you, then they will advise you on alternatives.

For example, they may suggest that a mini full tummy tuck would be a good choice rather than a full abdominoplasty.

Patients who have lost a great deal of weight may have problems with loose skin all over the body not just on the abdomen and could benefit from a body lift.

Mr Khan and Mr Chapman may discuss additional surgeries such as an arm lift if they think you would benefit.

The second consultation

Your head will be full of information after your first meeting, and so Mr Khan and Mr Chapman like you to go away and think things over for a while.

You will probably have thought of lots of additional questions by your second consultation and there will be plenty of time to ask them.

Mr Khan and Mr Chapman welcome questions and will discuss the procedure, recovery, and potential risks as much as you need.

They do understand that surgery is daunting and want to reassure you that you are in safe hands.

Whenever possible we will introduce you to patients who have had surgery at Reshape and Restore so that you can see the benefit of the procedure for yourself.

Is an abdominoplasty a good way to lose weight?

Mr Khan and Mr Chapman make it clear to all patients that although you will lose some pounds during an abdominoplasty as excess tissue is removed, the procedure should not be considered a weight loss technique.

The patients with the best results are those who have maintained an ideal weight for some time before the procedure.

Your surgeon may advise you to lose a little weight before surgery.

Cost of tummy tuck surgery

Tummy tuck surgery costs around £6,500.

It is not possible to give a true cost until you have had both consultations.


How to find Reshape and Restore at the Spire South Bank Hospital

The Reshape and Restore Clinic is located within the Spire South Bank Hospital in the county town of Worcester in Worcestershire in the West Midlands.

Worcestershire has a largely rural history and the Vale of Evesham in the south of the county continues this tradition as a centre of commercial fruit growing. The county’s most famous expert must be Lea and Perrins Worcestershire Sauce which is still made in Worcester.


Reshape and Restore

Spire South Bank Hospital,

139 Bath Road



Tel : 01905 905 328

Email: [email protected]


By Car

From M5 motorway

Exit at junction 7 for Worcester. At the top of the sliproad, take the exit onto the A44, signposted Worcester. At the roundabout take the first exit onto Crookbarrow Way – A4440 (signposted Worcester West, Malvern, Leominster). Continue straight across the roundabout on the A4440 and at the next roundabout turn right following the signs for Worcester City Centre A38. Continue straight across the next roundabout. The hospital is approximately two miles on the right.

By train

Take the train to either Worcester Shrub Hill station or Worcester Foregate Street station. Both stations are approximately two miles from Spire South Bank Hospital (10 minutes by taxi).

By public transport

There is a bus stop a few yards from the hospital’s entrance, serviced by numbers 32, 372, 382, 582.


Free unlimited free parking is available at Spire South Bank Hospital.