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Condition — genitals

Uneven Labia

The vaginal lips are an important part of the female anatomy and serve an important purpose; to protect the vagina, the opening to the urethra and the clitoris. There are two sets of vaginal lips, one inner set (the labia minora) and the outer lips (the labia majora). When aroused, the labia minora opens up. The aesthetic of the labia varies a lot between women, and it is very common for the labia minora to differ in size to each other giving a visual appearance that is asymmetric.

When one of the labia hangs below the other, this is sometimes described as uneven vaginal lips. The lips may be uneven and still remain tucked inside the labia majora, or one or both of them may protrude outside of the labia majora to varying degrees. 

Surgery for Uneven labia

Uneven labia or vaginal lips don’t usually present too much of an issue to most women, however, some women find the look of the uneven labia to be unaesthetic compared to their ideals and may seek corrective vaginal surgery to reshape the labia,  to even out the length of the vaginal lips giving a more symmetrical look. 

Sometimes the need for surgical intervention for uneven vaginal lips isn’t purely cosmetic, and may be because there is some discomfort when undertaking routine daily activities such as: walking, running or cycling, or where the uneven appearance may be noticeable when wearing swimwear or lingerie. 

Whatever the reason for seeking treatment for uneven vaginal lips, the team at Reshape & Restore will discuss your concerns with sensitivity and understanding. By assessing both the physical and psychological issues that are causing you concern, we can provide our expert medical opinion and recommend the most suitable option for improving and rectifying the condition. A surgical procedure known as labial reshaping can provide the liberation you require so that you can step out with a renewed feeling of comfort and confidence.

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