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Face and Neck lift – what to know and what to expect

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Face and neck rejuvenation are some of the most rewarding aesthetic surgical procedures when undertaken by a skilled surgeon in the appropriately selected patient.

These procedures will once the preserve of celebrities however now are commonplace in and offered in many clinics and many hospitals throughout the UK. At Reshape & Restore we have over 30 years of experience of undertaking these procedures for our patients.

The features of an ageing face are not just related to the skin and wrinkles on the outside there are structural elements under the skin which also need to be addressed in order to ensure that the best outcome is insured at the least risk to you. Younger patients for example might only require skin tightening in the form of treatment to the skin and no internal deep invasive surgery. A good example is a chemical peel in the correct patient this does not address the laxity of skin nor can it address any deep wrinkles in the aged skin. Instead these procedures offer a re-freshening of the skin itself as almost all of them aim to injure the skin in the way of a superficial burn allowing then normal healthy skin to tighten as it heals. In the olden days a facelift was thought to make the person look younger in fact we now believe this not to be true instead it does make the patient who has a face or neck lift look “fresher”.

Our understanding of how the features of the face change with age has meant that surgery and treatment is directed at those aspects of the facial features that worry you most. Newer ways of treating the skin such as high frequency radio and ultrasound can add to the effect. As with any surgical procedure a consultation is mandatory face-to-face with your surgeon together with a detailed history of your past medical conditions if applicable. Next a thorough clinical examination and some pre-operative photographs will be undertaken. depending on your concerns your features and your skin type as well as your age and if you’re on any medication we will make a decision jointly as to the best technique to offer you. Both safe and effective skin and ligament tightening will be our explain to you with the aid of a pre-and post-op images of previous patients to help you make your decision.

What to expect.

Expect a full and thorough explanation of the technique together with the consequences and the risks. Recovery is predictable as most of her patients suffer with bruising and swelling together with a tightening around the neck and jaw. Discharge with a dressing on is the norm and you would be expected to remain indoors doing very little work for the first week to 10 days. The scars are permanent but often lighten and soften with time.

What’s new?

Treatment of the neck bands has changed where it was almost universally thought a good idea to repair in the midline through an incision under the chin we now know that they can be in sized and re-draped outwards avoiding the dewlap affect that patients have before the procedure.