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If you struggle to get rid of excess skin around your abdomen, you should contact Reshape and Restore’s cosmetic surgery clinic to discuss a tummy tuck near to Hereford.

The Reshape and Restore clinic boasts two cosmetic surgeons, Mr Umraz Khan and Mr Thomas Chapman, who both have excellent reputations and extensive experience in tummy tuck or abdominoplasty surgery.

Contact the Reshape and Restore clinic today to discover how their surgical expertise can give you the body that you want and boost your self-esteem.


Why choose us for your tummy tuck surgery in Hereford?

Quite simply, Mr Khan and Mr Chapman can offer a level of surgical expertise and experience that is unrivaled in the area.

Patients from Hereford and the surrounding counties no longer need to travel to London or other metropolitan areas for first-class cosmetic surgery as it is now available on their doorstep.

Both doctors have combined successful careers as NHS Consultants with their thriving private practices.

Mr Khan and Mr Chapman share the philosophy that they are not just changing bodies when performing surgeries like abdominoplasty surgery but that they are changing lives for the better by improving self-esteem and confidence.

At Reshape and Restore we like to take the time to understand you as an individual and to address your specific concerns about your body, giving you great advice about the best surgical techniques and solutions for you.

The mission of Restore and Reshape clinic is to offer bespoke surgeries that address your individual needs rather than a one-size fits all approach.

There are Reshape and Restore clinics in other locations in Birmingham, the West Midlands, and the South West.

Hereford is served by both our Worcester and Gloucester clinics which are each under an hour’s drive away. 



What causes excess skin and loose muscle on the abdomen?

Taut and smooth abdomens are frequently seen in the media, but in real life, they are harder to maintain, and life events often conspire against our efforts to have a flat stomach.

The most common causes of loose skin and slack abdominal muscles are the following:


The abdomen has to expand dramatically to accommodate a growing baby and it is common for the skin and the muscle to remain lax even after post-baby weight loss.

The situation tends to worsen with each pregnancy. Eventually, the tissue in the abdominal and pubic area can become so stretched and loose that it becomes difficult to find comfortable underwear or to zip up trousers.


Hormone changes during menopause can cause women to store fat around the middle for the first time.

Simultaneously, the skin on the face and body starts to lose its firmness as the rate of collagen production and elastin decline. The result is slack skin around the middle that cannot be controlled completely by diet and exercise alone.

Extreme weight changes

People who work hard to lose significant amounts of weight are disappointed to discover that their skin doesn’t snap back into place after the fat has disappeared.

Many are left with unsightly loose skin around the middle area of the body where the largest proportion of excess fat had accumulated.

How can tummy tuck surgery help?

Tummy tuck surgery is an effective body contouring technique.

During a full abdominoplasty, your surgeon will remove excess skin and tighten loose muscles, giving you a much smoother, flatter abdomen and upper pubic area.

What happens during a abdominoplasty in Hereford?

Mr Khan and Mr Chapman will reshape and recontour your body during the procedure which will take place under general anaesthetic.

During the tummy tuck surgery, your surgeon will make an incision and remove excess skin and fat from the mid and lower torso.

The muscles of the abdominal wall will be tightened giving a body contouring effect.

Mr Khan and Mr Chapman sometimes use liposuction to remove excess fat instead of in combination with excision.

If a large amount of skin is removed, the belly button will be repositioned.

Mr Khan and Mr Chapman have performed this surgery many times, and the results are spectacular.

Your stomach will be flatter and smoother and you will be more confident about engaging in sports and all areas of life.

How long will it take to recover from abdominal surgery?

All surgical procedures of this kind require a significant recovery period, and you should anticipate taking six weeks off work. You will need to take your surgeon’s advice about when it is safe to start driving again,

There will be some swelling and bruising, but this will be temporary. Pain is usual after all surgical procedures but this will be managed with pain relief.

After tummy tuck surgery you will wear a supportive garment for the first few weeks. This will promote healing and reduce scarring.

Before you leave hospital you will be given guidance on how to care for yourself.

You will have regular follow-up appointments over the next few weeks and months as your consultant guides you through your recovery process. 

Two months after your tummy tuck, you will start to see the benefit of your treatment tummy tuck and you will be delighted that you chose to come to Reshape and Restore.

How many consultations will I have before my procedure?

Mr Khan and Mr Chapman always have two pre-operative consultations with their patients.

The first consultation

This will be a frank discussion between you and your surgeon about why you want a tummy tuck and whether a full abdominoplasty is right for you. Depending on the amount of skin to be removed, a mini than a full tummy tuck may be appropriate.

A full medical history will be taken. This will help to reduce the risk of complications and ensure that you are healthy enough for the procedure.

The second consultation

In the interval between the first and second consultation you will have had time to think more about the tummy tuck and may have lots of questions.

Mr Khan and Mr Chapman will be able to address any concerns you may have about the surgery, your recovery, and any potential risks.

Is a tummy tuck a weight loss procedure?

It is important to remember that a tummy tuck is not a weight-loss procedure.

The patients who benefit most from this surgery have maintained a healthy weight for some time and are concerned about loose skin and stubborn pockets of fat.

Mr Khan and Mr Chapman sometimes advise patients to lose weight before considering a tummy tuck.

The price of tummy tuck surgery

The typical cost of a tummy tuck starts at £6500.

It is impossible to give a true cost until the consultant has examined you and confirmed the techniques to be used.


How to find Reshape and Restore 

Hereford is a small cathedral city on the River Wye. It is famous for its beautiful cathedral which is over 1000 years old and home to the Mappa Mundi, a medieval map of the world.

Our Worcester clinic is less than an hour’s drive away.


Southbank Hospital

139 Bath Rd

Worcester WR5 3YB

Directions to Reshape and Restore Worcester Clinic

From Hereford

Take East St to St Owen’s St

Drive from A4103 and A4440 to Worcester

Turn right and your destination will be on the right