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At Reshape & Restore you will be fully supported throughout your journey.

Your route to fulfilling a positive well-being involves a 3 stage process that includes consultation, treatment and aftercare. Each stage is treated with equal care and attention, making your journey calm, consistent and fulfilling.

Cosmetic Surgery Gloucester

1 — Consultation

When recommending a procedure, we will always consider what is best for you.

Our advice will be based on the outcome of a face-to-face, or online consultation which takes into account not just your concerns and your desired results, but also your overall health and physical anatomy.

The first step on your road to personal fulfilment is to contact Reshape & Restore and ask for a consultation. This is your time to discuss your concerns and explain your reasons for wanting surgery. After a full examination we can give you our expert medical opinion on what we feel would be the best option in order to achieve the outcome you are wishing for. The procedure we advise will be explained to you in full, along with information about your recovery, aftercare and the realistic results you can expect to enjoy.

We understand that the decision to undergo surgery is not one that has been taken lightly and therefore, we would not expect you to commit there and then. You will be given some information to take home and read and absorb everything that has been discussed during the consultation. When you are ready to return for a second consultation we can finalise the details, answer any further questions or concerns and arrange an appointment date for surgery.

Patient Journey Treatment
Patient Journey Treatment

2 — Treatment

On the day of your procedure our team will take great care to ensure you are settled in and are feeling comfortable.

You will be visited by your Reshape & Restore surgeon who will ensure that you are at ease with the details of the procedure and will take this opportunity to go over things, one last time. You will then be given your anaesthetic and taken to the operating theatre.

We perform all our procedures with precision and care, using the most advanced techniques and technologies. Alongside exacting standards, the safety and welfare of our patients is an important part of our service. We focus on delivering our exceptional standards of care and attention for the entire time you are with us; meeting your medical and wellbeing needs right from the moment you step through the door to the time you are on your way home.

Reshape & Restore Aftercare

3 — Aftercare

We will ensure that before you go home, you are prescribed the right pain relief and are given some take-away information with how to care for yourself according to the type of procedure you have undergone.

After you have been assessed for discharge, a follow-up appointment will be made, which is usually at 1 week after the surgery with further appointments typically made at 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.

In the months that follow your operation, the team at Reshape & Restore will want to monitor the progress of your recovery and development of the results. During your follow-up appointments you will meet with your surgeon who will address your feelings on both how you look on the outside and the way you feel on the inside. Reaching your goal is the main aim of our performance, which also includes assessing your wounds and helping you to care for your healing body during this important time of recovery.

Your happiness is our happiness and no matter what stage of the process you are at, the team at Reshape & Restore are always there for you.