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Even the healthiest lifestyle and exercise regime can sometimes leave stubborn pockets of excess fat on the body and under the chin. The Reshape and Restore Cosmetic Surgery Clinic offers a solution with liposuction in Bristol.

The world-class surgical team at Reshape and Restore uses liposuction to resculpt the body, giving sleeker contours, a more youthful chin profile and a significant boost to your self-esteem.

If unwanted fat deposits are affecting your self-confidence why not contact our Bristol clinic for a consultation to see how we can help you feel your best?


What happens during a liposuction procedure?

During liposuction surgery, your surgeon will make a small incision in the skin. A fine cannula or narrow metal tube will then be inserted beneath the skin into the area of stubborn fat.

The tube is moved around in the tissues and a strong vacuum pump is used to remove fat cells. Sometimes, your surgeon may choose to inject a fat-liquefying solution into the tissues making fat removal easier.

The surgeon often uses an ultrasound machine for guidance during this surgical procedure.

The procedure is performed using a general anaesthetic and any discomfort in the treated area after surgery can be treated with pain relief medication.

Am I a good candidate for fat cell removal?

Liposuction Bristol

At your first consultation, you will be assessed to ensure that liposuction is right for you and that the procedure will give you the desired result. You will have a second consultation too and there will be plenty of time to answer all your questions.

Our founders, Mr Chapman and Mr Khan, believe that patients should be fully informed about all aspects of liposuction, including the risks, the recovery process and its many benefits before deciding to proceed.

A full medical history will be taken and it is important that you are in good general health as with any other elective surgery.


Lipo for fat transfer in Bristol

Liposuction surgery is sometimes used to transfer fat from one part of the body to another as part of a body remodelling procedure.

Fat can be removed from areas where there is enough fat and used to improve the appearance of other areas. Typically this surgical procedure is used in our Bristol clinic to resculpt the buttocks, breasts or face, restoring plumpness and volume lost through age or weight changes.

Bristol patients requiring breast reconstruction or a modest increase in breast size sometimes prefer fat transfer as it gives a natural effect without the use of breast implants.

During a surgical procedure for fat transfer, the fat removal process is the same as in traditional liposuction. The fluids are then removed and the fat cells are injected back into the area to be treated.

Is fat cell removal suitable for the whole body?

Our surgeons use liposuction procedures anywhere that there are fatty deposits. The most popular parts of the body for treatment are the upper arms, breasts, stomach, hips, back, inner thigh and the knee area.

Many of our Bristol patients have been treated to improve the appearance of a double chin and have been delighted with their liposuction results.

Is liposuction a weight loss treatment?

Liposuction is not a weight reduction procedure. The liposuction procedure is not designed to remove large amounts of excess fat, in fact, it would be dangerous to do so.

At the Reshape and Restore Bristol clinic, liposuction is used to resculpt the body by removing small amounts of fat.

The best results are seen in patients who have already adopted a healthy lifestyle but suffer from hard-to-budge excess body fat in specific areas.

You can expect a sleeker firmer profile in the treated areas that previously had fatty deposits. One of the common benefits that our Bristol patients enjoy after surgery is that they can wear clothes that they want to wear without embarrassment or discomfort

How long will it take for me to see the full benefit of body sculpting with lipo?

Initially, there will be considerable swelling and fluid retention in the area treated but as this resolves over the few months after treatment, you will begin to see your new smoother body.

Your surgeon will ask you to wear a compression garment for the first few weeks to help with healing and reduce swelling. The tiny wounds made during the procedure will quickly heal and scarring will be minimal.

You should retain your new shape as long as you avoid weight gain by following a healthy lifestyle with a good diet.


Directions to the Reshape and Restore clinic in Bristol

Reshape and Restore is located in the prestigious Spire Bristol Hospital.

Our Address

Reshape and Restore Cosmetic Surgery Clinic
Spire Bristol Hospital
Redland Hill
Durdham Down
Bristol BS6 6UT

Tel 0117 321 4534

Directions to Reshape and Restore Bristol

From M5 Junction 17

Follow the A4018 for Bristol West and Bristol Zoo for approximately four miles. With the Downs and water tower on the right, you will come to a roundabout on this road. Take the left-hand turn into Redland Hill and immediately turn left into Spire Bristol Hospital.

From M4 Junction 19

Follow the M32 leading into Bristol. Take the M32 into the city centre and then follow the signs for Clifton and the A4018. At the top of Whiteladies Road, bear right for Redland to find the hospital.

By train

Take the train to either Bristol Parkway or Bristol Temple Meads stations. Bristol Parkway station is approximately four miles from Spire Bristol Hospital (20-30 minutes by taxi) on the outskirts of Bristol. Temple Meads station is close to the city centre and only 10-15 minutes from Spire Bristol Hospital by taxi.


The hospital has 100 free car parking spaces.

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