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As you get older, your skin can start to develop wrinkles. These lines and creases form in the skin over the face and body, as a result of a weakening internal structure, often becoming deeper set over time. Wrinkles will often accompany facial volume loss and other ageing-related concerns which contributes to the overall appearance that looks tired and worn.

There are a combination of factors involved in the development of wrinkles, including: ageing, repeated facial movements, sun exposure and lifestyle choices.

Through the ageing process the skin loses natural oils, collagen and elastin, and fatty tissue diminishes from the underlying internal structure. This causes the skin to become dry, fragile and less elastic, with a loss of volume around the mid and lower areas of the face – the perfect recipe for the formation of wrinkles.

As the skin becomes more delicate and is less able to bounce back, the grooves that form through repeated facial movements tend not to disappear and only become more prominent. Wrinkles will often appear more prevalent in areas such as the face, hands and chest, where they are more exposed to the sun. UV rays (as well as smoking and alcohol consumption) speed up the rate at which collagen and elastin fibres break down, from which wrinkles can then develop earlier.

Refreshing the appearance when the effects of ageing are visible, can often require more attention than following a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a regular skincare routine. At Reshape & Restore the skin can be lifted and smoothed through a surgical face lift, which also helps to rejuvenate the skin on the face and neck. Non-surgical options are less invasive and can work to resurface the skin, as well as lifting, tightening and adding facial volume for a more fresh and youthful look.

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