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Condition — face

Worry Lines

Horizontal lines that run across your forehead when you raise your eyebrows are often referred to as worry lines. When these wrinkles are a permanent, noticeable feature it is likely that ageing skin and tired muscles are the cause. This concern can often cause a person to feel their appearance displays a look that is stressed, and not a true reflection of their personality.

The skin will generally become more fragile as a person gets older, as collagen, elastin and natural hydration declines. Skin that is weaker and drier than it used to be can give way to the development of lines and wrinkles on a variety of areas on the face and body. When it comes to the forehead, and more specifically worry lines, the muscles that support the structure of the face also become tired and weak. When the muscles move, they take the skin with them, which on the forehead causes a concertina effect. In younger people when the skin is more flexible, the skin will return to its original position and the wrinkles will disappear. However due to the ageing process, an older adult may find these lines will often remain visible. Other factors, including: smoking, sun exposure, lack of hydration, poor diet and alcohol consumption can cause premature ageing, disrupting the natural progression that our genes have mapped out.

Reshape & Restore have a range of treatments available to help improve the look of worry lines, as well as other ageing related concerns. Taking a surgical route with a face lift can help to smooth and lift the skin, offering a long-term solution for a youthfully rejuvenated look. Improving the skin’s structure non-surgically uses resurfacing, skin tightening techniques or facial fillers to recondition the skin and replace the substances that have been lost.

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