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Condition — male

Weight-Loss Droopiness

One of the most common side effects of massive weight loss is weight loss droopiness. This is the excess skin that is left behind when a large amount of weight has been shed.

If one is obese or overweight and embarks on a journey to redefine their body and overhaul their health, it seems rather unfair that there is a secondary price to pay for this incredible effort and great achievement.

When we put on large amounts of weight anywhere on the body, it stands to reason that the skin will need to stretch to account for our increased size. When this weight gain is over the course of time, the skin can stretch and become permanently damaged as it loses some of its ability to bounce back. The older we are, the more apparent this issue becomes as the collagen and elastin production in the skin begin to deplete as we age.

Post massive weight loss, the folds of skin that are left behind can leave a person feeling just as unhappy with their appearance, despite their achievements in reaching their target weight. The weight loss droopiness as a result, can cause both psychological and physiological issues as well. The leftover excess skin can rub or chafe on clothing which can be very painful. This sagging skin isn’t something that is simply rectified with exercise as the issue isn’t due to the muscles. Common areas to experience sagging, hanging skin post weight loss are: arms, legs, knees, buttocks, belly and face or neck.

At Reshape & Restore, our resident surgeon has had first hand experience living as a man who has been on a significant weight loss journey himself, and suffered the same consequences of a brilliant achievement. Our team understand that challenges you face with weight loss droopiness, and following a consultation we can recommend the perfect solution to help you get your body back to beautiful so you both look and just as importantly, feel amazing

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