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Condition — face

Tired Eyes / Eye Bags

Eyes that show eye bags beneath them are often described as ‘tired eyes’. This is a common concern, associated with ageing which may also display dark circles, puffiness, baggy eyelids and wrinkles. This condition is often an aesthetic concern that isn’t necessarily anything to do with a lack of sleep, despite its name, although it can be a contributing factor.

The muscles and tissue structures around the eyes weaken through ageing, leading to skin that sags. This in turn causes the fatty deposits around the orbit of the eyes to descend, sitting heavy in the lower lid. This area can also be prone to puffiness or swelling, resulting from the build-up of fluid for which lack of sleep and allergies can contribute to. When this occurs it can often cause dark circles to appear as the swelling casts shadows. Dark circles can also result from the thinning skin as the blood vessels beneath it are more likely to show through. Genetics can play a part in the development of tired eyes / eye bags as they will often influence the path that our ageing pattern takes. The speed at which ageing occurs can also be contributed to by factors including: smoking, sun exposure, poor diet and lack of hydration, which accelerate the processes that weaken the structure of the skin.

Rejuvenating the appearance of the eyes, reducing the look of tiredness and eye bags, can be achieved through a range of treatments that are specially designed for this area of the face. Skin resurfacing and microneedling replenishes the skin’s structure, as the production of collagen and elastin is increased through stimulating the natural processes that help to heal and repair. Fillers can be applied to the tear trough area, adding volume to the hollows under the eyes that makes eyebags and puffiness appear enhanced.

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