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Stretched Large or Split Earlobes

Stretched or split earlobes cause an aesthetically unpleasing appearance to this part of the ear, which is often hard to conceal. There can be a variety of reasons why the earlobes change form, mainly due to the adornments that many people choose to decorate their ears with, i.e: piercings and cosmetic jewellery.

Earrings for both men and women have been a popular fashion item for many, many years. This trend can see a variety of types of jewellery used whether they are attached by a clip or a hole pierced into the earlobe. Most earrings have a tiny pole that is poked through a small hole in the ear, whereas some others require a larger opening to accommodate a gauge (or plug) which is often stretched out over time. This style of earring is a trend desired by some, but can also be seen in certain cultures. Large or heavy earrings can be responsible for stretching the earlobes as they pull down on it, which can in some cases lead to the earlobes becoming split. It is also common for earrings to be accidentally snagged, and if pulled on hard enough can tear through the flesh. It has also been found, although less commonly, for earlobes to become split or damaged during other situations such as in car accidents or through a sporting injury.

It is possible for small holes in the earlobe to naturally ‘close up’ if nothing has been poked through it for a considerable amount of time. However, gauges will leave a large hole in the ear permanently, or may even become split. To correct a stretched or split earlobe at Reshape & Restore may require ear corrective surgery, whereby the skin and tissues are knitted back together. This procedure can be effective on full or partial tears and can also help to reshape and recontour the lower part of the ear.

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