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Small Breasts

Small breasts can relate to women who either have breasts that they feel are smaller than suits their frame, or to a condition that is medically known as Hypomastia. Hypomastia is when the breasts remain underdeveloped, post puberty. Whilst the breasts are generally fully developed by early adulthood, they can continue to change in shape and size. The breasts can lose volume following pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding, as well as through ageing and changes in hormone levels. Breasts that were once a satisfactory size, can become smaller, flatter and droopy.

Women with small breasts should be assured that there is actually no ‘normal’ size that a fully developed breast should meet. That said when a woman lacks confidence because they have feelings of anxiety related to their breast size, then it may be appropriate for them to undergo surgical intervention by way of breast augmentation which can help to restore body confidence and leave the woman feeling more at ease with the shape and size of their chest.
Of course, many women with small breasts are perfectly happy and comfortable with their smaller size, whereas others find that this can cause issues with self esteem and intimacy, in particular.

A second medical term relating to breasts is Amastia – this is referring to breasts that have not developed at all. This instance is very rare, and is thought to be caused by a failure in the development of the milk line.

During a consultation with Reshape & Restore, the underlying cause of your small breasts will be assessed and the correct procedure will be recommended.

Breast augmentation surgery is the most likely course of action for women who have small breasts. This could involve the insertion of implants, or through a fat transfer procedure. We would work together to find the right size, shape and approach to surgery to suit your needs so that you can move forward with more confidence, feeling fulfilled.

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