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Condition — skin

Skin Tags

Skin tags are usually harmless ‘bobbles’ of hanging skin tissue that protrudes out from the normal surface of the skin. Different to moles, skin tags are held in place by a peduncle or stalk which keeps it attached to the skin’s surface. A skin tag can vary in colour from being skin toned, through to slightly pink or brown. It is thought that skin tags occur due to a build up of collagen and blood cells which contain core fibres, nerve cells and ducts that have a covering of epidermis. They can often develop later in life and go unnoticed as they begin as a small spot or bump and develop into a skin tag over time. Areas that are more prone to developing skin tags may be ones where there is excess rubbing of the skin either against clothing, or against another area of the skin, such as where folds or creases naturally occur, i.e: armpits, under the buttocks, eyelids or groin.

It is important and encouraging to note that skin tags are benign tumors that have very little cause for concern. They may be irritated by rubbing or chafing on clothing or jewellery, or they may be a cosmetic issue if they are visible and cause a person to feel self conscious about their appearance. A skin tag is usually removed very easily through: cauterization (burned off using electrolysis), cryosurgery (frozen off with liquid nitrogen), ligation (where the blood flow is disturbed to encourage the tag to die off) or through excision (where the skin tag is surgically removed).

If you have a skin tag that is causing you either physical or aesthetic concern, our team at Reshape & Restore will be able to help. Contact us to arrange a consultation and we will be able to recommend the appropriate treatment to remove your skin tag, leaving you with a renewed sense of confidence.

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