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Condition — face

Sad Face

When a person is described as having a sad face, it often refers to the look of a downturned mouth. Ageing is the most common cause of this condition, which can appear to be more prominent from the shadowing effect that accompanying folds around the mouth can give.

Ageing skin loses collagen and elastin, and with them, strength and volume that leads to thinning skin. The underlying structure also loses density and the muscles become tired, which for the lower part of the face, provides less support for loosening skin around the borders of the mouth. As bony and fatty layers in the deeper structure move down towards the jaw, so does the outer corners of the mouth – which can be helped on by the effects of  gravity. It is well known these days, that premature ageing can be attributed to certain choices we make in the way we live our lives. Developing a downturned mouth, along with other ageing-related concerns, can be the result of smoking, drinking alcohol and eating a poor diet. Many people adopt a healthy attitude to their lifestyle, ensuring that they eat healthy, take regular exercise and maintain a good level of hydration. This helps to keep the skin in good condition, supporting both the surface layer as well as the deeper structure.

A regular skin care routine can keep the skin soft, supple and free from dirt and debris, which goes a long way to helping ward off the premature effects of ageing. To enhance the results further an aesthetic / cosmetic treatment that improves the strength and elasticity of the skin can help to tighten and lift the skin – turning your sad face into one that looks happier and more relaxed. Reshape & Restore can perform a face lift, or apply microneedling and skin resurfacing treatments to create a look that is youthful and fresh.

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