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Puffy Nipples

Puffy nipples in men is a fairly common condition that in most cases, isn’t usually indicative of anything serious. The condition is recognised when enlarged breast glands or fatty tissue accumulates below the areola (or sometimes around the areola as well) giving the appearance of the nipple being dome shaped. As puffy nipples are typically an aesthetic concern, they can affect the way a man feels about his body, resulting in low self esteem especially when the puffy nipples are visible through clothing. This condition can also be slightly uncomfortable for a man, particularly when the nipple rubs or chafes against clothing leaving them feeling sore or itchy.

What causees puffy nipples?

The enlargement of breast glands in men can be due to a number of reasons, including: excess fat, hormone imbalance (low testosterone levels, and / or high levels of oestrogen), hyperthyroidism, steroid use or gynaecomastia (excess breast tissue in men known as ‘moobs’).

You may be able to help reduce the appearance of puffy nipples through a combined diet and exercise plan – which contributes to a healthy lifestyle regardless of puffy nipples – although most men will find this isn’t effective enough. To eradicate this concern often requires a man to seek cosmetic surgery to flatten the nipples, as well as giving the chest area the more masculine, chiseled shape that is desired.

Puffy nipples treatment

Cosmetic surgery for the treatment of puffy nipples involves making small incisions to remove the excess breast tissue beneath the areola. If you are concerned about puffy nipples, our expert team at Reshape & Restore will carry out a thorough consultation and assess the cause of your puffy nipples before recommending the appropriate steps forward to help you regain your flatter, more masculine looking chest; lifting a veil on your embarrassment and leaving you feeling happier and more confident with your body.

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