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Pot Belly Shape

A pot-belly shape is often used to refer to the appearance of excess weight around a person’s middle. There is typically no single reason why a person gains weight particularly around the midsection, but it is thought that a combination of genetics, lifestyle, hormones and stress are the most likely contributory factors.

For some people, it is likely that they will develop an ‘apple’ shape as they get older – gaining weight around the abdomen and upper region of the body. Excess fat around the body is usually caused by burning less calories than the body consumes, turning excess energy into fat. There are 2 types of body fat that can build up in the body; subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. Subcutaneous fat is the layer of fatty tissue that lies just beneath the skin, whereas visceral fat builds up deeper in the body, accumulating around the intestines, liver pancreas and kidneys, giving the body the characteristically rounded shape of a ‘pot-belly’. This common condition in both men and women (albeit slightly different in appearance) can also be attributed to weak abdominal muscles. For women this can occur following pregnancy and childbirth and can be what causes the stomach to change from its original form.

Slimming the appearance of a pot – belly can sometimes be achieved through diet whereby less fat, sugar, alcohol and caffeine is consumed. Exercises that help to strengthen the muscles can also help to tighten and tone the look of the stomach – however, new mums may need to wait for a few months after giving birth. Many people will express that belly fat is often quite difficult to shift, despite their very best efforts. At Reshape & Restore recontouring the stomach area can be achieved through the use of liposuction – when excess / stubborn fat needs to be removed, or an abdominoplasty (mini or full) – to reduce both fatty deposits and excess skin. These procedures are recommended according to your individual concerns and work to restore a slimmer, firmer and more toned look to the stomach.

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