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Condition — face

Misshapen Nose

A misshapen nose can refer to a number of concerns associated with this feature, including: a crooked nose, issues with the size and length, a noticeable dorsal hump (bump on the nose), an unturned tip, a flat nose, a hooked nose or a wide / thin bridge. The shape of your nose is often determined by your genetics, as is the rest of your appearance, with injury or trauma causing its look to change.

Not all people are happy with the look that nature has provided them with and as the nose is  a very central feature, it is easily noticed by others. If this part of your face appears too large, or even too small in comparison to the rest of your appearance, the features can look unbalanced or disproportionate. When Injury or trauma has impacted the nose it can lead to the structure being altered as the bones, cartilage and / or skin is damaged. A straight nose can often then become crooked as it becomes misaligned, or may even appear flattened. When the nose repairs itself after an injury calcium deposits build up at the damaged site, which can often result in the development of a bump. In some cases this can continue to develop over time, especially if the injury was sustained at an early age.

To improve the appearance of the nose at Reshape & Restore facial fillers can provide a quick and effective result. This injectable treatment can be applied at various points, according to your concern, smoothing the look of any dimples or indentations. Fillers can also be used to add volume to a flattened bridge or to help create straighter, sharper contouring of this feature – as well as creating the illusion that a large nose appears smaller. By redefining this feature and restoring a more balanced and harmonious appearance, self-confidence can also receive a boost.

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