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Man Boobs

When a man has enlarged male breasts this is known as a condition called Gynaecomastia, although many people may be more familiar with the terms man boobs or ‘moobs’ for short.

These terms are typically used to describe a condition where the breast tissue has become swollen or enlarged, which gives the illusion of the development of a male breast. For some men, man boobs can appear to develop as a result of weight gain or sagging skin caused by ageing.

Usually, gynaecomastia is related to a hormone imbalance whereby the levels of testosterone have fallen and oestrogen has become dominant, which causes an increase in the development of breast tissue. It is understood that around one in four men can be affected by some degree of male breast growth as the ageing process can result in a drop in hormone levels. This condition can more commonly affect teenage boys and older men, due to changes in hormone levels, and can develop in one or both of the male breasts.

There are also other lifestyle factors that can contribute to this concern, such as: the use of anabolic steroids, obesity, alcohol consumption and the use of recreational drugs. Where an underlying medical issue is the cause, then this will need to be recognised and diagnosed so that any underlying factors can also be addressed.

Surgical intervention can be considered an effective option when, after any medical issues have been addressed or where none are present, enlarged male breasts are still a concern. The team at Reshape & Restore will be able to help restore a more masculine chest by way of mastectomy to reduce the size of the breast and give you back better definition and a more sculpted look. Surgical techniques can be used to extract excess skin and tissue from the breasts, with liposuction being used to remove deposits of fat.

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