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Condition — skin


Lumps on the skin are very common and can be present due to a number of different reasons. Some of the most common reasons for lumps on the skin are: spots / abscesses, cysts, lipoma, moles, swollen glands, tumours or due to injury or trauma.

Depending on the underlying cause for your lump; the size, shape, look and feel of the lump itself may vary.

If a lump is on the surface of the skin and is red, swollen or tender to the touch then it may be that this is a spot, boil or abscess. If the area is inflamed and begins to come to a head then this is most likely due to infection setting in the affected pore.

A mole on the other hand could be brown, pink or skin coloured and have a distinct border to the rest of the skin that surrounds it and should feel smooth.

A swollen gland will be located in various places in the body and would normally be symptomatic of the issue that has caused the gland to become inflamed.

In the case where a lump is caused by injury or trauma, the lump will be at the site of the trauma and could feel irregular in texture as an accumulation of a series of lumps or as a singular lump, and or accompanied by bruising or swelling of the area.

A benign lump due to cyst or lipoma is typically soft and smooth to the touch. These kinds of lumps will also be movable when examined, meaning they aren’t fixed in place or rigid.

If you have any kind of lump that is concerning you, whether due to irritation, discomfort or unappealing appearance, speak with our team at Reshape & Restore and we will carry out a thorough examination of the lump. We can then advise on the best course of treatment for you, depending on the type of lump you have.

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