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Love Handles

Love handles is a term derived to describe the pockets of fat that surround the sides of the abdomen, the lower back and stomach. These can be particularly difficult to shift with diet and exercise alone and even the most dedicated gym-goer can find that these can be an immovable force. Men are actually more prone to the development of love handles which will typically develop over a number of years and give them a shape that makes them feel self conscious about their physique as the fat deposits will tend to sit on the hips.

Stubborn areas of fat can accumulate anywhere on the male body, but it’s useful to understand that for it to build up on the hips it’s usually due to a number of factors including: age, lifestyle, bad diet, stress and some medical conditions. Physiologically, men are more likely to store excess fat around the middle as there are more fat cells to store in this area, which can leave a man feeling dissatisfied with his shape. It’s not ideal for a man to carry additional weight in this area, as it can lead to type 2 diabetes, heart disease and other concerns. Prevention is of course always better than cure, so it’s worth younger men considering lifestyle choices sooner rather than later.

Once love handles have set in, and where exercise and nutrition have not been sufficient to tackle this troublesome condition, some men may opt to undergo surgery / liposuction. These procedures can help to remove any stubborn fat, reshaping and defining the torso. If abdominoplasty is the ideal solution for you, tightening the skin and muscles in the stomach can help to give the body a stronger, more typically masculine physique. A thorough, yet compassionate, consultation at Reshape & Restore can help to recommend the right treatment option to suit you.

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