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Condition — breast

Large Nipples

When people think of themselves as having large nipples, it could be that the area they are not satisfied with is either the nipple or the areola – the darker area of skin that surrounds the actual nipple.

Women can be very critical of the size and shape of their breasts. This feature of the body has strong associations with femininity and beauty, with many women feeling like the appearance of their breasts has a certain look that they should possess. With much media attention focusing on what constitutes ‘the perfect body’ it is easy for women to feel they do not live up to what is considered a desirable form. When it comes to the breasts, this feeling can extend to their appearance as a whole, not just taking into account their overall shape and size but also the look of the nipples and areola.

The nipple is the protruding piece of darker skin that sits in the middle of the areola. Genetics can often be what determines the appearance of the breasts, nipple and areola, and varies from person to person. Just as the breasts can change in shape and size, so too, can the areola and nipples. The areola can become larger as the breasts grow in size as the skin stretches and the nipples can also become enlarged as a result of pregnancy, breastfeeding and hormonal changes as a woman gets older.

At Reshape & Restore, we can perform surgical procedures to reduce the size of either your nipple, the areola or both. Taking into account your individual concerns a personalised plan can be put together in order to meet your expectations and achieve your desired look. Feeling happy with the appearance of your breasts can boost your confidence which can also help to improve intimacy and relationships.

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