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Condition — breast

Large / Heavy Breasts

Breasts come in varying shapes and sizes, and there is no explicit ‘norm’ that is expected. When breasts are very large and heavy, this is known as Macromastia or Breast Hypertrophy. Breasts which are excessively large can carry with them various physical concerns, such as: back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, discomfort where bra straps cut into the shoulder, and rashes or sores beneath the breasts in the inframammary crease. Therefore practising good hygiene can become problematic in this area resulting in maceration of the skin, intertriginous changes and in some instances, infection.

Patients may also experience self esteem or confidence issues where the breasts are particularly large and cumbersome, as well as difficulty with clothing that either accentuates or conceals the breast, which can lead to feelings of self-consciousness. A common complaint of those suffering with large breasts is the lack of availability of well-fitting, supportive bras, and or, having to wear unattractive underwear due to restricted availability of ‘pretty’ undergarments for the larger breast.

Large breasts can be due to a number of reasons; in some cases they may be hereditary, due to weight gain, pregnancy or excessive glandular development during puberty. In most cases, particularly when genetics or hormones are influential, large breasts can not be prevented and treatment could provide a positive resolve. Whatever the reason for your large or heavy breasts, if they are causing concern then a consultation with Reshape & Restore is a great first step to addressing your large breasts and finding out what options are available to help reduce both the emotional and physical stress this is causing you. We will discuss the right course of action for you, which may involve liposuction or a breast reduction and uplift, so you can restore confidence in your body and yourself.

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