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Jowls are a common ageing-related concern that can be experienced by both men and women as they approach middle-age. The cause of this condition is down to sagging skin from the mid to lower parts of the face, as the complexion starts to age. The appearance of jowls often presents a heavy look below the cheeks which affects the natural contouring of the jawline, as well as pulling down on the corners of the mouth.

The skin’s firm and full structure, that is characteristic of a youthful look, is maintained through the effective production of two proteins – collagen and elastin. As well as volume and elasticity, these substances are responsible for the skin’s smooth texture that is well hydrated. During adulthood, levels of collagen and elastin in the skin starts to decline. This is accompanied by a reduced density of the natural fat pads and facial muscles that become tired. The result of these occurrences cause the skin around the face to become slack and start to sag, as well as experiencing a descent in fatty tissue that falls into the lower part of the face. Jowls then become apparent as the skin begins to hang off the jawline on each side of the face.

Other concerns, such as: a downturned mouth and marionette lines, can often be seen alongside the appearance of jowls. To effectively reduce the look of these concerns often involves replacing lost volume to the skin, as well as helping to increase the production of collagen and elastin in order to restore a tightly packed structure. At Reshape & Restore, treatments including dermal fillers, microneedling and other skin resurfacing techniques can help to rebuild deeper layers of the skin for a tighter, fuller and more lifted look to the lower face.

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