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Inverted Nipples

Inverted nipples is a common condition that refers to when a nipple appears sunken into the areola or lays flush to it. Inverted nipples will usually develop during puberty and are generally as a result of shortened collagen fibres and subsequent shortened milk ducts. Inverted nipples may also be caused by trauma, breastfeeding, breast infections or fibrosis. Inverted nipples can affect either one or both of the breasts and is a concern that a person is usually born with. Although this condition is normally harmless, it is important to recognise that when a previously normal nipple becomes inverted without reason, this can be a sign that there is a growth or tumor beneath the nipple and should be investigated as soon as possible as a precautionary measure.

Inverted nipples can be a condition that is more noticeable when wearing certain clothing in which the nipples are visible, like tight fitting clothing, swimwear or undergarments. The concern is often graded in order to assess its severity, which may also help to determine what techniques can be used in order for the condition to be rectified.

With a grade1 or grade 2 case, it may be possible to temporarily correct their appearance through manual stimulation, arousal or changes in temperature.  In other cases where they may be permanently inverted, this is classed as grade 3 and can make breastfeeding difficult or occasionally, impossible.

There is no ‘normal’ shape or size of a nipple, and they will often be related to the size of the breast, but where inverted nipples cause issues with self-esteem or confidence, it is possible to undergo surgery to reverse the inversion and leave you feeling happier with the overall aesthetic of the nipple. During a thorough consultation at Reshape & Restore we will outline the best approach, according to your needs and the best outcome that can be achieved.

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