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Fatty Deposits

Fatty deposits around the body can also be referred to excess fat or stubborn fat. These deposits can vary from pinchable pockets to more significant bulges that affect the look of a well contoured, shapely form.

Fatty deposits occur naturally within the face and body and can distribute differently from person to person. In some people, fatty tissue is present in relatively small amounts and fits nicely around the structure of the body. Maintaining this desirable shape can be testament to those who follow a healthy lifestyle; eating a balanced diet and taking regular exercise. Yet for others, it is more difficult to stay in shape and weight gain happens more easily. Ageing, genetics and lifestyle are common causes for an increase in weight and body size, with calorie consumption being the most likely contributor. When more calories are consumed than are burnt off by the body, it results in this excess energy being stored in the body as fat.

When fatty deposits are in excess it can lead to a weight and size that is considered unhealthy. This can increase a person’s likelihood of developing conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer. Reducing excess fat on the face and body is often achieved through taking steps to improve your diet – reducing the amount of calories, fat and sugar that is consumed – as well as increasing activity levels to help raise your metabolism and burn energy.

In cases of stubborn fat, pinchable deposits remain no matter how hard a person tries. These small pockets of subcutaneous fat that lies under the skin can often be reduced or removed through a simple procedure. At Reshape & Restore, this can be achieved through the use of liposuction – a procedure that sucks out deposits of fatty tissue in small amounts. Once fully developed, the results can achieve a more aesthetically pleasing body shape that helps a person to feel more comfortable and confident with the way they look.

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