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Condition — face

Eye Circles

Eye circles show as darkened skin that lies beneath the eye. This condition can occur as part of the ageing process or may be an inherited trait that is more likely to be seen in men or women who have a darker skin tone. Although the concern is not found to be harmless, many affected people are unhappy with the tired look that eye circles can produce.

When related to ageing, eye circles are often the result of thinning skin. As the delicate structure of the skin around the eyes weakens and loses volume, it can cause the underlying blood vessels to show through, making this area appear darker in colour. The ageing process can also cause puffiness or hollows in the tear trough area which contributes to the development of eye circles from the shadows that these characteristics can cast. Swelling around the eyes often accentuates when fatigue is involved, as the skin becomes paler and can be prone to the build-up of fluid in the lower lid. Sun exposure is a factor we need to consider for a variety of concerns associated with ageing, and is also true in the development of eye circles as it can affect the natural pigmentation of the skin.

Reducing the look of eye circles requires a personalised approach that considers the possible cause of this condition. At Reshape & Restore we can apply dermal fillers to the area that runs along the crease between the lower lid and the cheek – the tear trough. This will help to add volume to this area, filling out the hollows from which shadows have formed. This treatment can help to revitalise the look of this part of the upper face, eradicating a tired and aged appearance.

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