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Excess, Prominent or Hanging Labia

The lips of the vagina are known as the labia. Women possess two sets of labia, the labia majora (outer lips that protects the genital area) and the labia minora; the smaller inner lips that form part of the vulva. The inner lips of the vagina are sensitive, thin flaps of skin that protect the clitoris, urethral opening and vagina.

These folds of smooth tissue can vary in shape, size and colour ranging from anything from pink to dark brown, and form very small to longer flaps of skin that protrude outside of the labia majora and are quite often asymmetrical.

Discomfort from Hanging Labia

When the large, misshapen or protruding labia becomes problematic by way of causing irritation or rubbing in clothing, one can suffer discomfort and pain in the affected area. This may lead them to seek medical intervention to correct the prominent labia, so as to enjoy a greater level of comfort. The decision behind undergoing labiaplasty (surgery to address large or hanging vaginal lips) may not always be medical.

Can be promiment inner lips or prominent outer lips

Some women will feel self-conscious about the shape or size of their labia, and this can cause a lack of confidence in intimate relationships. In this instance, the large or hanging labia can be addressed for aesthetic purposes so as to give the patient enhanced self esteem, knowing that their vaginal area is more in line with their aesthetica ideals.

If you are experiencing a lack of confidence with the visual appearance of your labia, or if you suffer discomfort in day to day activities like walking, cycling or even simply sitting then speak with the team at Reshape & Restore and we will be delighted to discuss your concerns during a private consultation, and advise the best route for you to feel more at ease with your genitals.


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