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Droopy Skin of Arms / Bingo Wings

Droopy skin of the arms can often be seen on the underside of the upper arm, and is often given the rather unflattering term of ‘bingo wings’. The appearance of this concern can develop through a number of factors, often as a person gets older or gains weight. Genetics are a big influence in the way the body changes through adulthood, contributing to the way ageing affects the body as well as how the body responds to gaining weight and fat distribution.

What causes bingo wings?

There are usually 3 main factors that can be considered in the development of bingo wings or droopy skin of the arms: skin, fat and muscle. Loose or sagging skin is often the result of lost collagen and elastin, as a person gets older and the youthful tautness of the skin depletes. Ageing can also contribute to the build-up of excess weight as the body can become less efficient at burning calories. Weight gain in general can affect everyone differently, depending on where the body accumulates and distributes excess fat, which can include the arms. On a person who is already experiencing ‘bingo wings’, gaining weight can often enhance their appearance. An increased muscle mass in the upper arms helps with maintaining a toned appearance. This can decrease naturally as we get older and when teamed with loose skin and / or excess fatty tissue, can cause a soft and wobbly look to develop.

Treatment for Bingo Wings and Droopy Skin

There are steps a person can take to improve the look and tone of the upper arms in order to reduce droopy or sagging skin, including: tightening the skin, improving muscle mass or losing excess weight. A surgical route can help to make a dramatic improvement to the shape and tone of the upper arm by removing excess skin and fatty tissue.

Restoring a more pleasing form to the upper arm can go a long way to boosting self-esteem and body confidence for an overall improvement to a person’s well-being.

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