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Condition — breast

Droopy Breasts

Droopy or sagging breasts are very common in women, particularly as the ageing process begins to take hold, where weight fluctuation has occurred or post pregnancy and breastfeeding whereby the breasts have lost volume. Throughout a woman’s life, their body and breasts will go through a number of changes, and it is perfectly normal as these changes take place, that the breasts may start to lose their youthful volume and pertness. For many women sagging breasts are the cause of stretched ligaments, which result from the weight of the breasts and gravity pulling down on the breasts over a prolonged period. Ageing also causes lost elasticity in the skin, from which sagging can develop, as well as a more deflated look.

When the breasts begin to droop – known as breast ptosis – this is typically graded in stages which refer to nipple position in relation to the inframammary fold which is the crease that joins the breast to the chest.  Although drooping breasts are normal, they can still cause a woman to feel self-conscious or anxious about their appearance, particularly in intimate situations.

At Reshape & Restore, we treat sagging or droopy breasts by way of a procedure called Mastopexy which is a breast uplift to improve the shape and of the breast and raise the position of the nipple. Breast uplift surgery alone does not increase the size of the breast, therefore in some circumstances, it may be that a Mastopexy Augmentation is considered should the patient also be looking to increase the fullness of the breast at the same time to give a more shapely, voluminous result. Depending on the desired outcome, all appropriate options would be discussed during an in depth consultation so that you can leave Reshape & Restore with not just a lift in your breasts, but also a lift in confidence.

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