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Double Chin

When submental fat accumulates beneath the chin it gives the appearance of a double chin. Ageing, weight gain or genetics can be the cause of this condition, which can affect both men and women of any age. A double chin is not often a welcomed look by many people as it alters the contouring of the jawline, affecting the definition and overall balance of the lower face.

Double Chin and Ageing

When ageing is involved in the development of a double chin, the skin beneath the chin and around the neck can start to hang as it becomes weaker and loses elasticity. This helps to create a pocket under the jawline which fatty tissue can settle into, and contribute to the heavy look that this concern is attributed to. If genetics are the cause, it is likely that a person is displaying a weak jaw or chin. With this condition, the chin does not protrude to very far from the neck and the jawline does not show well defined lines. The skin that is naturally present around the neck is more noticeable, often giving a false impression that the person has an accumulation of extra fat in this region.

Weight gain and double chins

Gaining weight often contributes to the build-up of fatty tissue beneath the chin, in which case losing weight can help to resolve the issue.

Double chin treatment

At Reshape & Restore, a treatment to help recontour this area of the face can effectively reduce the look of a double chin. As a solution for a weak chin and jaw, facial fillers can produce improved definition and create a feature that is more dominant in appearance, as well as reducing the amount of skin that is exposed. Reducing fatty tissue from this area can be done through the use of liposuction or cryotherapy, which targets the fat cells in this area. Other procedures which help to tighten the skin, including a lower face and neck lift, can produce firmer skin for a more youthful rejuvenation of the face.

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