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Dewlap in Humans – Turkey Neck

A dewlap neck, or ‘turkey neck’ refers to the appearance of the skin below the chin. A condition that can be a direct result of the ageing process, the loose skin (and possible wrinkly folds) that is a typical characteristic of this concern, can be attributed to the changes in muscle structure and elasticity of the skin. Many people who are affected by this condition often feel it is an unattractive feature that contributes to an aged appearance.

What Causes ‘Turkey Neck’?

As the body gets older the skin loses its elasticity, fat distributes itself differently and the muscles become less taut. When collagen levels decrease from the middle layer of the skin (dermis), the top layer becomes less supported and less able to stretch and contract, finding its original form. And as the skin is attached to the muscles, their weakening impacts to aid loose skin and a sagging appearance. When these factors are combined a turkey neck can emerge. Although ageing is one of the main reasons for the development of this condition, other factors can also be considered, including: genetics (in particular, the way in which the ageing process develops), possessing a naturally weak chin or jawline and the use of smartphones and computers.

Whilst fatty deposits under the chin are quite normal, some people carry a higher distribution of fatty tissue than others, and an excess of this can contribute to weakened skin beginning to hang around the neck.

Treatments for Turkey Neck

Treatments to reduce the look of a turkey neck can help to restore the skin’s elasticity as well as working to reduce the amount of skin that hangs around the neck. A face lift at Reshape & Restore can target the lower face and neck for a smoother, more youthful look.

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