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We’ve all seen or had blackheads at some point in our life, they are one of the most common skin complaints for people of all ages. Blackheads are very simply clogged pores or hair follicles. The affected pores usually become blocked with dead skin cells or debris and when the skin that covers the bump opens up, the open area is exposed to oxygen and it is this oxidation process that gives it its famous ‘black head’. Although commonly associated with adolescents, this condition can also be experienced by older adults when lost elasticity in the skin stretches the pores; creating a bigger hole for unwanted cells and debris to settle in.

A good skin care regime can help keep pores clean, but once a blackhead has formed then washing or scrubbing the area is likely to be futile as the debris that has clogged the pore will need to be professionally extracted either through deep facials, chemical peels or other means. The temptation of one who is suffering a breakout of blackheads is to squeeze them. Whilst manual extraction can be recommended by a professional dermatologist, we do not recommend that you try this technique yourself.

Often when one attempts to tackle blackheads at home, what starts as a blackhead can easily turn into a spot or whitehead if infection sets in. This is one of the notable reasons that blackheads can further progress to become a bout of acne as when touching the affected area, further debris or bacteria is easily transferred to the pore. As well as this action causing distress to the already sensitive skin, it can lead to an infection which exacerbates the issue.

If you are concerned about blackheads, speak to our team at Reshape & Restore and we will discuss the best treatments for you, as well as helping you understand what you can do at home to help keep blackheads at bay.

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