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Condition — breast

Asymmetrical Uneven Breasts

It is good to recognise that most breasts are slightly uneven, and this is entirely normal and not often noticeable. Growth variations in the breasts are very common and are usually down to the woman’s genes. However, there are some instances where once the breasts are fully developed, one breast is significantly larger than the other which causes an asymmetric appearance of the breasts. The severity of the condition varies greatly from a slight imbalance between the size of the breasts to a complete underdevelopment of one breast. It is this imbalance in proportions that is known as Breast Asymmetry, or Uneven Breasts. This concern can often become noticeable during adolescence and the reason could be because one breast contains more breast tissue cells than the other.

When Asymmetric Breasts are a concern, this can cause feelings of self consciousness or embarrassment when wearing certain clothing like vests or swimwear, or reduced confidence in intimate relationships. It is usually considered that if there is significant difference in the size of the breasts by a woman’s late teens, then it is unlikely that they will even out without medical intervention although it is advisable to wait for the breasts to be fully developed before seeking medical assistance.

At Reshape & Restore we see many cases of Asymmetric Breasts, and can offer surgical procedures that can aid the correction of uneven breasts. This would usually be by way of breast augmentation surgery which may increase the size of one or both of the breasts using different sized implants to restore balance and proportion to the breast/s. This life changing surgery can help you gain confidence and self esteem so that you can enjoy freedoms where you were once held back, knowing that you look incredible.

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