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The Reshape and Restore Clinic is the ideal choice for your breast reduction in Bromsgrove.

Our team of highly experienced surgeons, headed by founders Mr Umraz Khan and Mr Thomas Chapman, frequently perform breast surgery of all types. Their surgical skill ensures that they deliver consistently excellent results.

Breast reduction surgery is just one of a comprehensive range of transformative procedures for the face, body and breasts offered at our top-rated cosmetic surgery clinic based at Burcot Hall Hospital, Bromsgrove.



Why choose breast reduction surgery?

Large breasts are often presented as an ideal, but the reality is different for many large-breasted women. Overly large breasts can cause a number of issues which negatively affect health, lifestyle and self-esteem.

The most common reasons for women to choose to have reduction surgery are:

  • To reduce the back and shoulder pain caused by heavy breasts
  • To allow women to wear the clothes, lingerie, and sportswear that they want without the limitations of having to accommodate large breasts.
  • To free women from the unwanted attention that large breasts attract.
  • To restore volume and a more youthful appearance to breasts that have lost their rounded shape due to weight loss, pregnancy or hormonal changes around the menopause.
  • To correct asymmetry when one breast is larger than the other.

Breast reduction can be transformative for many women, and the aesthetic surgeons at Reshape and Restore in Bromsgrove have made many women feel great about their bodies again.

You can find testimonials from many delighted clients on our website here.


What do breasts look like after breast size reduction surgery?

Breast Reduction BromsgroveAfter breast reduction surgery, your breasts will be smaller in size with a more rounded and defined shape. Your neck and shoulders will feel more comfortable as the weight of your breasts will have been significantly reduced.

Many of our Bromsgrove patients really enjoy wearing styles and fashions that they avoided before because of their large breasts.

From a medical point of view, Mr Chapman and Mr Khan are always delighted to hear how much easier it is for their patients to participate in sports and healthy activities after their surgery.

You can see pictures of the results of breast reduction surgery here.


Am I a good candidate for breast enhancement surgery?

If your larger breasts cause you physical problems or emotional distress, then you may like to consider breast surgery.

The surgical team at Reshape and Restore in Bromsgrove are always honest about what can be achieved with surgery, and if they think that a breast reduction is not right for you, they will advise you against it. There may be other procedures that help to achieve the body you want.

Mr Khan and Mr Chapman stress that it is important for patients to be as fit and healthy as possible before surgery. They may advise you to lose weight and give up smoking before your procedure to ensure the best outcome and rapid healing.



The breast reduction procedure at the Bromsgrove clinic

Breast reduction involves the removal of excess fat and breast tissue through an incision discreetly hidden in the breast crease. Your surgeon will also use the incision to access the remaining tissue, which can be remodelled into a more pleasing shape. Excess skin will be trimmed, and the wound closed with sutures.

Liposuction may be used during the process if there is a lot of fat to remove; otherwise, simple excision techniques will be applied. Your plastic surgeon will discuss the most appropriate techniques for your surgery at your first consultation at the Bromsgrove Clinic.

Breast reduction surgery takes around three hours and requires a general anaesthetic.


Will I need a breast lift with my reduction surgery?

Many Bromsgrove patients have a breast lift at the same time as their reduction surgery. The lift will reposition the breasts so that they are higher on the chest wall, giving a more youthful profile.

It may also be advisable to relocate the nipples to a higher position on the breast to complete the rejuvenated appearance of the breast.

Your plastic surgeon will discuss both options with you before you commit to your surgery,


How long will it take to recover from breast surgery?

Breast surgery requires an overnight stay at the Burcot Hall Hospital, and you will be checked by your surgeon before you leave for home.

Mr Khan and Mr Chapman usually advise patients to take two to three weeks off work and to avoid the gym and strenuous activity for a couple of months. However, every patient is an individual, and your progress over the following weeks will be monitored carefully at your follow-up visits to the clinic.


How much does breast reduction surgery cost in Bromsgrove?

The cost of this procedure begins at £6800.

Your breast reduction surgery procedure will be designed around the individual needs of your body, so the final cost will be confirmed after your initial consultation at the Bromsgrove clinic



The Reshape and Restore Bromsgrove clinic at Burcot Hall Hospital

Mr Khan and Mr Chapman have brought world-class plastic surgery to the West Midlands at their state-of-the-art clinic at the prestigious Burcot Hall Hospital. Both men are leading members of the British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons and are highly regarded among medical professionals who refer patients to them for treatment.

Burcot Hall Hospital is conveniently located just 30 minutes from Birmingham city centre. The hospital offers first-class patient care in luxurious surroundings, including rooms with private en suites and free wifi.


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About Bromsgrove

Bromsgrove is an ancient market town dating back to the ninth century. It is in the county of Worcestershire 26 km northeast of Worcester and 21 km southwest of Birmingham city centre.

In the Middle Ages, Bromsgrove was an important centre of the cloth trade. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the town became active in the nail-making industry.