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If you are considering surgery to reduce the size of your large breasts, you should contact the Reshape and Restore’s Cosmetic Surgery Clinic for a breast reduction in Bristol.

Although large breasts are often presented as an ideal, the reality for many women is that heavy breasts cause neck and shoulder pain, postural problems, and attract unwanted attention. Breast reduction surgery provides a solution to these issues.

The founders of the Bristol clinic are highly respected plastic surgeons, Mr Umraz Khan and Mr Thomas Chapman who are both experienced in all types of aesthetic surgery including breast reductions. Their expertise helps their patients to have the bodies that they have always wanted.

The clinic is based in the Bristol Spire, the South West’s largest private hospital, and offers patients a comprehensive range of surgical procedures and non-surgical treatments for the breasts, body and face.


Reshape and Restore: The first choice for breast surgery in Bristol

At the Reshape and Restore clinic, we treat every patient as an individual.

Mr Khan and Mr Chapman are the founders of a group of Reshape and Restore clinics offering first-class cosmetic surgery to patients in Bristol and the South West.

The philosophy of our clinic is to treat each patient as an individual. Your surgeons are well aware that breast reduction surgery can change patients’ lives as well as their breast shape a

nd size.

Lack of body confidence often affects mental health, self-esteem and life choices so finding a talented and empathetic surgical team in Bristol like Mr Khan and Mr Chapman may be your first step towards a happier and healthier life.


Reasons to have a breast reduction procedure at our Bristol clinic

To alleviate the physical problems caused by heavy breasts

The weight of the breasts can cause problems in the back, shoulder, neck, and the deep folds under large breasts can encourage rashes and skin irritation.

To improve your lifestyle

Large breasts can make it difficult to find flattering underwear or clothes that fit properly.

Finding comfortable sports bras or swimsuits can be a particular problem meaning that many large-breasted women are reluctant to exercise regularly.

Some women find that their breasts attract unwanted attention when they are exercising and dominate their appearance in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable.

To improve the appearance of the breasts

Large breasts can lose their shape after weight loss or breastfeeding and breast reduction surgery can restore a more youthful profile.

To correct asymmetry

It is not uncommon for breasts to be asymmetrical but in some cases, the difference in size is so marked that surgery is necessary. In such a case, your surgeon may suggest a breast reduction on one side.

What happens during breast reduction surgery in Bristol?

Breast reduction surgery, also known as reduction mammaplasty, is a surgical procedure to reduce the size of the breast by removing fat and glandular tissue. The procedure lasts around three hours and is performed under a general anaesthetic.

Excess skin is trimmed away and the remaining breast tissue is remodelled into a more defined shape. Most breast reductions also require a breast lift to make the breasts sit in a higher, more natural position on the chest.

Mr Khan and Mr Chapman place the surgical incisions in the breast crease to ensure that scars are hidden.

Breast reduction surgery can be performed using excision but if there is a large amount of unwanted breast tissue, Mr Khan and Mr Chapman may use liposuction.

All the techniques used will be discussed with you at your initial consultation at our Bristol clinic.

What will my new breasts look like?

Your new breasts will feel lighter and should look more youthful in shape. The painful pressure on your neck and shoulders will have disappeared. You will be able to express your own fashion style rather than choosing clothes because they accommodate your breasts.

Breast reduction surgery patients find that their smaller, firmer breasts allow them to exercise more freely.

You can see pictures of the results of breast reduction surgery here.

What is the recovery period after surgery in Bristol?

Most breast reduction patients stay overnight in the Bristol Spire where post-operative care is a high priority.

You will need to wear a supportive dressing for a month after your surgery. This is an important part of your recovery. This will provide support for your muscles and protect your skin as they heal.

Mr Khan and Mr Chapman monitor the progress of patients with regular post-operative visits to the Bristol clinic.

It is essential that you follow your surgeon’s advice about returning to your normal routine activities and are particularly careful to avoid strenuous exercise until you are fully healed.

What is the pre-operative consultation procedure at Reshape and Restore in Bristol?

If you are considering a breast reduction, you will have two consultations with your surgeon before committing to surgery.

Mr Khan and Mr Chapman ensure that their patients have all the details about breast reduction surgery, the recovery process and any potential risks or complications before they decide about surgery. They carefully assess every case and will talk to you honestly about what your final result will look like.

Am I a good candidate for a breast reduction procedure?

Mr Khan and Mr Chapman always take a full medical history before they advise on your suitability for breast reduction surgery.

It is essential to be fit and healthy before any surgical procedure and you may be advised to lose weight and give up smoking before your procedure to ensure the best outcome.


Does the Reshape and Restore clinic in Bristol offer any other cosmetic procedures?

Mr Khan and Mr Chapman offer a wide range of procedures for the face and body. The most popular include breast augmentation with implants, breast reconstruction after trauma or previous surgery, tummy tucks and the mummy makeover.

How much does breast reduction surgery cost in Bristol?

The cost of this procedure begins at £6800 which includes general anaesthetic fees.

Your breast reduction surgery procedure will be designed for your body so the final cost will be confirmed after your consultation at the Bristol clinic


Directions to the Bristol Reshape and Restore clinic

Reshape and Restore is located in the Spire Bristol Hospital.

Our Address

Reshape and Restore Cosmetic Surgery Clinic
Spire Bristol Hospital
Redland Hill
Durdham Down
Bristol BS6 6UT

Tel 0117 321 4534

Directions to Reshape and Restore Bristol

From M5 Junction 17

Follow the A4018 for Bristol West and Bristol Zoo for approximately four miles. With the Downs and water tower on the right, you will come to a roundabout on this road. Take the left-hand turn into Redland Hill and immediately turn left into Spire Bristol Hospital.

From M4 Junction 19

Follow the M32 leading into Bristol. Take the M32 into the city centre and then follow the signs for Clifton and the A4018. At the top of Whiteladies Road, bear right for Redland to find the hospital.

By train

Take the train to either Bristol Parkway or Bristol Temple Meads stations. Bristol Parkway station is approximately four miles from Spire Bristol Hospital (20-30 minutes by taxi) on the outskirts of Bristol. Temple Meads station is close to the city centre and only 10-15 minutes from Spire Bristol Hospital by taxi.


The hospital has 100 free car parking spaces.

About Bristol

Bristol is located on the River Avon in the South West of England. Among the many reasons to visit the city is the Clifton Suspension Bridge which crosses the Avon at the magnificent Avon Gorge 2.4 km west of Bristol city centre. This suspension bridge was designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel and it opened in 1864.