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The problems caused by larger breasts can be relieved with breast reduction surgery near Birmingham at the Reshape and Restore clinic.

Reshape and Restore offers the considerable talents of plastic surgeons Mr Umraz Khan and Mr Thomas Chapman to patients in Birmingham and the West Midlands area.

Mr Khan and Mr Chapman are both consultant plastic surgeons offering a highly professional service from Burcot Hall Hospital, Europe’s largest purpose-built cosmetic surgery facility.

The clinic offers a comprehensive range of transformative surgical procedures for the breasts, body and face.

Patients are also offered a range of non-surgical treatments.


Why should Reshape and Restore be your first choice for breast reduction near Birmingham?

At the Reshape and Restore clinic, we treat every patient as an individual.

Mr Khan and Mr Chapman understand that cosmetic surgery is about more than just transforming the physical appearance. A breast reduction procedure will change the way that you feel about yourself and we will support you through the physical and emotional aspects of this journey.

Both men are highly regarded in the medical world and have enjoyed successful careers as NHS consultant plastic surgeons and in the private sector. They have carried out many procedures like yours and you can be completely confident in their expertise.


Is a breast reduction procedure right for me?

Although some women yearn for large breasts, the lived experience of women with large breasts can be problematic.

Women consult a cosmetic surgeon about breast reduction because the size of their breasts is having a negative effect on their lives.

Issues can include;

  • Difficulty finding clothes that fit properly as the breasts are out of proportion with the rest of the body
  • Problems with posture and back, neck and shoulder pain due to the weight of the breasts
  • Constant rashes and skin irritation in the fold beneath the breasts
  • Development of permanent grooves in the shoulders due to the weight of the breasts on the bra straps.
  • Feelings of embarrassment and self-consciousness due to the attention focused on the breasts by others

Breast reduction surgery at Reshape and Restore is the solution to all of these difficulties.

Breast Reduction Birmingham

What happens during breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction can involve different techniques depending on the size and shape of the breasts and how much weight of the breast you wish to lose.

Essentially, breast reduction surgery involves removing excess fat and glandular tissue from the breasts. This can be done by excision but if a large amount of tissue is to be removed liposuction may be used.

The breast tissue that remains will be remodelled into a more compact shape.

A breast lift may also be required depending on how much breast tissue has been removed. In this case, your surgeon will move the breast to a higher position on the chest and then replace the nipples in a natural-looking position.

Typically the procedure will result in loose skin which will be trimmed to fit the new breast size.

Mr Khan and Mr Chapman will ensure the incisions are placed as discreetly as possible to minimse obvious scars.

A breast reduction procedure lasts about three hours and will be performed under general anaesthetic.

How will surgery change the appearance of my breasts?

Your breast will be smaller, more youthful in shape and in a higher position on your chest. You will be able to make your own fashion choices rather than restricting yourself to clothes that fit your bust. Scarring will be minimal and hidden as much as possible.

You will also feel completely different when you exercise and the pain and discomfort associated with large breasts will no longer trouble you.

You can see pictures of the results of breast reduction surgery here.

What is the recovery period after surgery?

You will need an overnight stay, possibly two nights, in hospital after your breast reduction procedure.

You should expect a degree of swelling and bruising after your operation. Your pain will be controlled by pain relief.

Patients need to wear a garment to support the chest area for up to a month after breast reduction surgery. This will provide support for your muscles and protect your skin as they heal.

Will I be monitored after my breast reduction?

Your progress will be monitored by your surgeon at regular clinic checkups over the following weeks and months. It is important to follow your surgeon’s advice about resuming normal activities and exercise. If you do too much too soon after surgery, it could affect healing.

Who will answer all my questions about my breast reduction procedure?

All cosmetic surgery patients have two consultations before their procedure.

Mr Khan and Mr Chapman believe that it is important for you to have as much information as possible before you decide about surgery and will spend plenty of time during your initial consultation explaining the details of the operation, aftercare and recovery. They will discuss the different techniques to be used during your breast reduction., for example, liposuction.

When will I commit to surgery?

There will be time for you to reflect after your first consultation and then you will have a second consultation before you commit to any cosmetic surgery procedure.

Do I need to prepare myself for surgery?

Being healthy and fit improves the chances of a good outcome for any procedure.

In view of this, Mr Khan and Mr Chapman sometimes advise patients to give up smoking or limit their alcohol intake before surgery. They may also suggest that you should lose weight to achieve the best possible outcome.

Your surgeon will need to know about any prescription medications you take as it may be necessary to stop taking them for a while before or after breast surgery.

Can I have any other cosmetic surgery procedures at Reshape and Restore?

Reshape and Restore offers a full range of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

The most commonly requested breast surgeries include breast augmentation with breast implants, breast lift and breast reconstruction after trauma or previous surgery.

Other popular procedures include liposuction, tummy tucks, rhinoplasty or nose job, thigh lift,arm lift and the mummy makeover.

How much does breast reduction surgery cost ?

The cost of this procedure begins at £6800.

Mr Khan and Mr Chapman offer an individual approach to each patient which may include the use of bespoke surgery so the final cost will vary. The price of your breast surgery will be confirmed at your consultation.


Directions to Reshape and Restore near Birmingham

Birmingham is in the West Midlands. It is 100 miles from London and is usually considered to be the UK’s second city.

The city’s suburb of Bournville is famous as the home of Cadbury’s chocolate and a themed attraction at the original factory is a popular tourist attraction.

The Reshape and Restore clinic is at Burcot Hall Hospital in Bromsgrove, about half an hour’s drive from the Birmingham city centre.


Burcot Hall Hospital

Stoney Lane

Bromsgrove B60 1LY

Tel : 07716 860 652

Email: [email protected]

Directions from Birmingham city centre

Enter St. Chads Queensway/A38/A4400.

Follow the A38 and Pershore Rd/A441 to Lifford Ln in Stirchley.

Take Melchett Rd to Pershore Rd S/A441 in Kings Norton Business Centre

Follow the A441 to Redditch Rd in Alvechurch

Take Grange Ln to Stoney Lane

Burcot Hall Hospital is on Stoney Lane