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The Reshape and Restore Cosmetic Surgery Clinic has the solution to sagging skin on the upper arms with an arm lift in Bristol.

Flabby upper arms, sometimes called ‘bingo wings’, are common once women reach middle age as the skin and muscles become slacker. Exercise and a healthy diet don’t always help, and, in fact, weight loss can make the situation worse.

Arm lift surgery will recontour your upper arm, removing excess skin to restore a more toned and youthful appearance.

Arm reduction surgery is just one of a comprehensive range of cosmetic procedures offered at Reshape and Restore in Bristol.



What will my upper arms look like after arm lift surgery?

Arm lift BristolThe term ‘bingo wings’ may sound humourous, but at the Bristol Reshape and Restore clinic, we understand that there is nothing funny about feeling uncomfortable in your own body.

After your arm reduction surgery, your upper arms will be tauter and smoother without the sagging skin and excess fat that characterise ‘bingo wings’.

Our skilled surgeon will restore a more toned appearance that you will want to show off in the sleeveless tops that would have made you feel self-conscious before surgery.




What happens during surgery to reduce the upper arms?

A surgical incision will be made on the inner side of your arms from under the arm to the elbow. Your surgeon will remove excess fat from the area and trim loose skin before closing the wound.

Your surgeon may decide to use liposuction during your arm lift operation. This technique is recommended when there is a large amount of fatty tissue to remove.

Arm lift surgery takes about two hours and is performed under general anaesthetic. You will need to stay in the hospital overnight.


How long does it take to recover from an upper arm reduction?

Your arms will be swollen and tender immediately after your operation. You can help this swelling to subside by keeping your arms elevated as much as possible and raising them on pillows in bed. Any discomfort will be managed with simple pain relief.

Full healing can take up to six weeks, and your surgeon will monitor the progress of your healing at regular follow-up appointments. It is important that you follow the medical advice that you are given regarding resuming your normal activities and exercise. Doing too much too soon could hurt you and affect the final result of your arm lift.

After around six weeks, you will be delighted with your slender and contoured upper arms, and your self-esteem will be given a welcome boost.


Why should I choose the Reshape and Restore clinic in Bristol for my arm lift?

The founders of Reshape and Restore, Mr Umraz Khan and Mr Thomas Chapman are both successful plastic surgeons who combine careers as NHS consultants with busy private clinics in Bristol, the South West, and the West Midlands.

Our ethos is based on the idea that everyone deserves to feel great about themselves and their bodies but that genetics, illness and trauma can have a negative effect on self-esteem. Skilful plastic surgery can help redress the balance by correcting body issues. Mr Khan and Mr Chapman take a sensitive approach to each patient, designing a bespoke procedure to address your specific requirements.

We are always honest with patients about what can be achieved with surgery. You will have two consultations with your surgeon, who will explain the arm lift procedure and recovery process in detail. We think it is essential that patients have everything they need to make an informed decision about surgery.



How much does an upper arm lift cost?

Prices for arm lift surgery at the Reshape and Restore clinic in Bristol start from £5500, but as each cosmetic procedure is tailored to the patient’s needs, the cost can only be confirmed after your initial consultation.


The Reshape and Restore clinic in Bristol

The city of Bristol is a lively and beautiful city on the River Avon and the Reshape and Restore clinic is located in one of its pleasant areas near the Downs.

Bristol has many tourist attractions including the spectacular Clifton Suspension Bridge which spans the magnificent Avon Gorge.



Directions to the Reshape and Restore clinic in Bristol

Our Address

Reshape and Restore Cosmetic Surgery Clinic
Spire Bristol Hospital
Redland Hill
Durdham Down
Bristol BS6 6UT

Tel 0117 321 4534

Directions to Reshape and Restore Bristol

From M5 Junction 17

Follow the A4018 for Bristol West and Bristol Zoo for approximately four miles. With the Downs and water tower on the right, you will come to a roundabout on this road. Take the left-hand turn into Redland Hill and immediately turn left into Spire Bristol Hospital.

From M4 Junction 19

Follow the M32 leading into Bristol. Take the M32 into the city centre and then follow the signs for Clifton and the A4018. At the top of Whiteladies Road, bear right for Redland to find the hospital.

By train

Take the train to either Bristol Parkway or Bristol Temple Meads stations. Bristol Parkway station is approximately four miles from Spire Bristol Hospital (20-30 minutes by taxi) on the outskirts of Bristol. Temple Meads station is close to the city centre and only 10-15 minutes from Spire Bristol Hospital by taxi.


The hospital has 100 free car parking spaces.

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